Streaming Until I Beat The Impossible Quiz Book (Chapter 2) -

Streaming Until I Beat The Impossible Quiz Book (Chapter 2)

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0:00 welcome
3:03 stream starts
8:30 The Possible Quiz Book: Chapter 2
7:54:25 THE RUN


  1. 3:55:28

    I don’t gyatt a lot for chrizzmas
    There is just one skibidi
    Someone fanum tax the toilet
    Because Kai cenat has to pee

    I’m more sigma than you know
    I only edge in Ohio
    I saw speed there too
    Baby all I gyatt for chrizzmas
    Is you

  2. "I hope it doesnt go up to 5-6 hour mark."
    Ohhhhh Simi.

  3. it's so hard to put this down, even if it isn't live anymore. I keep thinking, "I'll just watch until he finishes the next question" but then he gets to the one after that. It's a vicious cycle.

  4. The bomb destroyed the blocks

  5. Your fans suck. so many people who have never even heard of this game trying to backseat you

  6. Question 67 from TIQ remains the most impossible
    2:02:00 “press any key to continue” what about tab
    2:10:50 I looked it up, blue is Clyde, orange is Pinky, green is Inky, and red is Blinky.
    Blinky/red – chasers
    Pinky/orange – strategic
    Inky/green – unpredictable
    Clyde/blue – dumb
    3:11:09 nah definitely the A level course I could never do question 67 of TIQ2 or question 70 of this
    Fun fact: a yottasecond sounds very short, but it’s actually quadrillions of years

  7. Damn, what happened, 8 hours? The Impossible Quiz is definitely unexpectable.

  8. i want to eat heavy weapons guy's swandwiches

  9. If you haven’t liked the video, at this time stamp, it will glow up 3:49:42 😮

  10. You know 42 but you dont know mostly harmless. Literally the same reference.

  11. 50:16 im old enouh to recognize Commercial and Industrial districts when i see them.

  12. 1:00:00 the ghosts are acually the same as OG pacman. Red beelines you and is faster than the others, yellow sort of beelines you but is slower and will sometimes flank, blue is random andno forgrt what green does.
    These move like twice as fast as og pacman tho.

  13. Get your “been here since impossible quiz #1” medal here! 🥇

  14. Idk if he already knows this or someone else said it, but “mostly harmless” is how Earth is described in ‘The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy’, and ‘Crabmeat’ is the name of a Badnik from ‘Sonic The Hedgehog’.

  15. superchat: expecting a sub hour run cause of how good you did yesterday 🙂
    me: haha probably not, lets check how long the v-
    8 hour timestamp: 😇

  16. The one person in the comments that said ‘can you not put me in the video I want my identity to be a secret’

  17. im sorry but it's so annoying that people won't stop spoiling
    if he just gets the answer then there's no point in even playing the game

  18. I am neither in the right generation nor continent for any of these questions or jokes and somehow they are all landing for me better than they are for the young-adult brit.
    1:13:00 you actually don't need to do any math here, (though, for the record, binary mutliplication/division is actually much easier than decimal multiplication/division, it's just a lot more tedious. That's kinda computers' whole shtick; stupid, but fast at it.) if you just recognize that it's a divison by 2 then you can do a 1 bit rightshift. Think about it like dividing by 10 with the decimal system, any number divided by 10 is basically the same number just shifted over by 1 digit. 53240/10=5324.

  19. oof, the amount of lives you've lost to the top left pellets
    you can easily get them when most of the ghosts are following behind you and much harder just after losing a life
    but you kept going for the easier pellets in the former scenario
    edit: ok, it's not just those, the other corners messed you up too but i hadn't gotten far enough to see that lmao
    and no, i'm not saying the minigame is easy overall, especially with how the ghosts are just consistently inconsistent

  20. I went to sleep at 23:00 something when it was 12:00 PM had two dreams and woke up at 6:59:26 at 5:30 PM which is'nt very good but thank you for being my Sleep Tracker!

  21. Oh!
    Something I noticed on the pac-frank question:
    After some time passes, the ghosts stop chasing you and go back to their corners for a little bit, just like in the original pac-man game

  22. I'm at 04:46:00 and so far he hasn't realised that he doesn't need the bottom left monster thing in order to complete the mission. You can jump up onto the middle platform and then just drop into the bottom right corner. This also means it isn't as difficult to time the drop so you don't crush the monster. At several points he restarts because he killed the bottom left monster even though he doesn't need it

  23. im like half asleep but i wanted to let you knkw that i watch this exact video to sleep every night and at this point it makes up 90% of my screen time and like 1/3 of your views on this vid are probaly me

  24. Can we discuss the fact that at 3:41:24, he clicked the first 5 dots to the beat of the background music
    And he does it again at 6:06:48

  25. I watched the whole thing in one sitting, and when my screen went black at the end, i saw my reflection and just thought, what am i doing with my life 😅😂

  26. 3:27:03 – I love how the music is perfectly timed to the fall. (Just wait like 10-20 seconds)

  27. This quiz makes me wanna oof myself. its hell. good foxing job m8.

  28. Tamango the red one in pac-Frank gets faster every time you die

  29. Wow gotta say this was heavy really but good job.

  30. The answer to question 57 is crab meat because in sonic the hedgehog one of the enemy's is a crab so it is the most harmful.

  31. 1:12:44 On this question I didn’t even know that was binary and thought it was just basic math
    1000110 / 10 is 0100011 so im technically right still?
    1:17:13 same for this one! I don’t actually know anything about binary so maybe that’s just how it works lol

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