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Speedrunning The Impossible Quiz is more demanding than you think…

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this game is hard to speedrun

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My channel generally focuses on a more casual side of speedruns. With these videos I want to show off cool speedruns, explain how they work, and entertain. Hopefully you enjoy the content and maybe even take up speedrunning yourself, because it is truly a lot of fun!

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  1. Low iq comment section. You need all the skips for the last question, you can’t use any or the runs dead. And it’s not copying genio quiz, genio quiz was released in 2014, impossible quiz was released in 2007. Yall 7 yrs behind.

  2. It may be 10 months ago but I could hear gonna fly now in the back round

  3. after watching this video me and the boiz beat it in class

  4. 2:57 I remember when I was super traumatized when I was like 6

  5. theres a glitch on 106 where you lose a life if you put youre mouse on the button and i got it which ended my game

  6. I almost beat this while at school this year. I could get to question 106 in under 5 minutes, but that was the farthest I’d get

  7. i spent so much time blasting through this game as a kid

  8. I beat the game faster, but to be fair I was using the cheat where you mash something like ALT+SHIFT+right arrow to move forward between questions, mashing through in under a minute. Without cheating I got stuck around 80 or so.

  9. My Friends play this game so much att school

  10. I think you might have done better if you skipped the moon scene and used your skips on some of the questions that take more time

  11. I spent like 20 hours trying to beat it, only to die on number 108…
    I raged quit after that

  12. The code for question isn't from Lost the show
    The code is from an earlier question in the quiz where they tell you to remember the numbers 4 8 15 16 23 42

  13. fun fact, the code for question 108 is also on the question that tells you what colors to remember (I think this is true, I haven't played the quiz)

  14. it is much faster to use a drawing tablet, you cant just tap with the pen where you want to go on the screen instead of dragging the mouse across your desk to get to the answer

  15. Speedrunning ________________________ is more random adjective than you think.

  16. I tried to beat this yesterday and stopped for the day on level 85 or something and it’s crazy to see someone else do all the answers I memorized so precisely.

  17. I think the sucky part is waiting. You have to wait. And you'll lose time.

  18. Suggestion: speedrun every single white room game.

  19. Who else noticed Pump It playing in the background of the epic 10

  20. i watched dan and phil play this game on repeat when i was younger so i just have all the answers memorized for some reason

  21. Guys lets make youtube dominated by JESUS!
    Copy this in every video you see!
    💛HE LIVES💛

  22. In the question 108, you don't have to look the answer in Google, because in the question that says: "Remember! Red, blue, red, yellow" IT ALSO SAYS "108 = (the code)"

  23. This video made me want to watch Pulp Fiction

  24. That's good. But what about the Impossible quiz 2?

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