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Speedrunners race the IMPOSSIBLE Quiz…

NRG Speedrunning
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Today, Kosmic, LilKirbs, and PointCrow find out that speedrunning Impossible Quiz 2 is a little bit harder than they thought.


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Impossible Quiz 2 Speedruns are really hard…

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  1. I thought you would play the first one

  2. Haha watched at lower speed to catch more details. You guys sound drunk like that.

  3. hi NRG FAM! Love y’all! Appreciate the content grind! Y’all r my serotonin dose

  4. I wonder why the impossible quiz is hard :/

  5. Literally my friend and I were playing The Impossible Quiz 1 yesterday and talking about The Impossible Quiz 2!

  6. I did not know there was a second impossible quiz.

  7. If they could figure out the impossible quiz can I ask for them to figure out my future?

    Pleaseeeee NRG!

  8. 26 is a clever one. A Flock of Seagulls is a 80s synth pop band and their biggest hit is "I Ran (So Far Away)". Lots of clever ones here but that was my favorite.

  9. eric showing off his duct tape mic in the sponsor

  10. Day 1 of missing eazy

    Yes I know its late to start

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