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Speedrunners race the IMPOSSIBLE Quiz…

NRG Speedrunning
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Today, Kosmic, LilKirbs, and PointCrow find out that speedrunning Impossible Quiz 2 is a little bit harder than they thought.


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Impossible Quiz 2 Speedruns are really hard…

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  1. The ads are just to handicap Kosmic for being too good

  2. me who uses standalone flash player ad-less:

  3. I love this game! I played impossible quiz 1 in elementary school with all my friends and we worked together to get to question 83. I love this series and you guys had some great reactions

  4. Play a racing game like mkw or trackmania

  5. who else thought it said impossible game 2 instead of impossible quiz 2 when first looking at the title

  6. This is a game where you'll get further by taking your time and failing less than you will by going too fast and failing more.

  7. always awesome.

    Are you going to pick up a 4th for videos like this? I think a lot of videos ( vs events ) worked better with 4 not that kosmic, kirbs, and crow aren't great

  8. Great video and are there any plans on continuing the Pokémon challenge

  9. is it just a running joke that whenever displate sponsors a video the people NRG lets narrate their ad reads are the people that don’t make part of their content about putting stuff on walls

  10. The creators of the impossible quiz 2 didn’t want kosmic to win so they kept giving him ads. I guess he’s just that good at the impossible quiz

  11. I was just playing this game in school today lol

  12. I think I peaked in middle school when I completed a whole impossible quiz

  13. "For every poster you buy, Displate plants a tree/
    That's pretty cool if you ask me/"

  14. i like how the other two are struggling and Kosmic breezes through them while getting ads

  15. It's so fun watching them when they get the answer, I wish we could have the full unedited video.

  16. Very obvious one of these 3 have played this before…hmmmm

  17. "WHY ARE THERE ADS" would've been a good time for the sponsor

  18. im going to school in about 10 mins, at least i can entertain myself now

  19. Why does it feel like theyre all being held at gunpoint for these videos?

  20. what i would really love to see is not some "Oh hey this is a cool new game lets have fun!" I want to see a race between professionals.

  21. Im going to need longer videos to make up for the time I lost watching the sponsors :3

  22. Displate. Commercialising image theft before NFTs were a thing.

    (For anyone that doesn't know. Basically anyone could (and maybe still can) make an account on there and upload any art they want, even if it isn't their own. The original creators had no way of getting their stolen art taken off the platform, except for offering it themselves in their own displate store, which most artists didn't want.

    So basically people were making money off of other people's work and displate didn't do anything about it because of money.)

  23. maby its fun that you guys try to speedrun super mombo quest a pretty new indie game controlls feels really nice

  24. Seriously though, what DOES NRG mean? I've been asking that long before this video and still don't know.

  25. You should speedrun OvO on coolmathgames, there’s a big tournament going on right now to see who can get the fastest glitchless time

  26. Pointcrow's brain cells have been fried by chat so much he can't figure out even the most basic of Dad jokes

  27. Does any one know why easy speezy left. Feel awkward supporting NRG until I find the reason

  28. I had to pur this on 0.75x speed yall are so fast but i guess it makes sense since ur speed running

  29. What is NRG?
    Me who watched Ben 10 : that's a monster in Ben 10

  30. I have played ALL the impossible quizzes and have beaten them at least once. But then again, once you trial and error the questions, it's actually pretty easy 😛

  31. Made me sad they didn't appreciate the American question (question 4)


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  33. Thus video is fucking horrible. Everyone is talking over each other, and the editing is so bad I can't even tell who is doing whay

  34. After all these years, I still haven't beaten the Impossible Quiz.

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