SCP-682 and SCP-999 Plays The Impossible Quiz Game. -

SCP-682 and SCP-999 Plays The Impossible Quiz Game.

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SCP-999 shows SCP-682 one of the most hardest and frustrating quiz games. Its a competition to see who can get the farthest in this mind teaser of a game. Who will win a sweet, loving, happy, Safe Class 999? Or will it be a hate filled, homicidal, Keter Class 682? Watch and see. =)

Link to the game:


  1. Scp 999 Iremember SOMETHING SIMILIAR IN ONE STORY , SLIME V , The consuming legion or something . , it could talk in similiar ways .


  3. Scp 682 I had a dream that you had a axe and you tried to chomp a gard but 999 blocked the gard and he got chomped but he got put back together because he is a slime and that's all the end

  4. How 682 can click in things with his strong large hands? Lol

  5. ALFREDO:*eating a little bit food* ??? 0_0 gulp ok what is gonna happen next? Is he going to kill us??? Takes a bit off food
    Gulp hm?
    Scp 682: hello>:)
    ALFREDO: oh come on give me a break man runs away faster bye bitch
    Scp 682: you may have escape me but win we meet again I will eat you>:)
    ALFREDO: eating food

  6. Hah 682 is supposed to be smart but is an idiot in the end.

  7. 999's voice…..
    And by the end, 999 is just taunting 682, 😹😹😹😹

  8. This is when you put 2 kids to play & record video one kid 9 (999)and 22 (682)

  9. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)︻̷┻̿═━一- scp 999 here

  10. From the start I can already see a war

  11. hears 682 say he loves 999 quietly awww that’s so cuuu- gets in a choke hold by 683

  12. The enclave could do a better job at containing scips

    change my mind

  13. For those who are shipping 682 and 999 don't forget, they're siblings. But you're free to ship whatever you like!

  14. OMFG!!! I JUST HEARD IN 15:35 SCP 682 SAID “I love you too” OMFG!!! (me screaming like an idiot)

  15. clears throat SCP-999 and SCP-682 are canonically Siblings according to the SCP Foundation. This is rather accurate to siblings, especially since out of the 7 siblings, 999 is the youngest and most innocent. So this is some perfect sibling love right here.

  16. 999: this is the most impossible game on the internet! :3
    Also 999: gets past lvl 40 with ease
    682: wtf?

  17. Just zero two but with a pumpkin head says:

    3:07 it's saying answer this question backwards

  18. so this is why 682 hates humanity, we make games so hard that makes 682 triggered.

  19. Scp 999 and scp 682 are the children of the scarlet king :0 999 and 682 are realtatid

  20. I fast forward once I was videoing that is what I heard, SCP 682: h e l p m e
    Looking back on that that’s normal

  21. 682 is the one that swears a lot and is savage 999 is a cute cuddly monster that loves cuddling and 682 calls him a fucking stupid scp idk why

  22. Number 45 got some wingdings in here

  23. If you are scps, then how are moving the mouse??????

  24. How to do 682's voice: inhale sulfur hexafluoride
    How to do 999's voice: inhale helium and cocaine

  25. DANM IT 999 IS SO CUTE AHHHHHHHH!!!!! THE VOICE IS KILLING ME!! ACK OMG😍💗😍💗😍💗😍😍💗😍💗❤😍❤😍❤😍❤😍❤😍😍❤

  26. Scp 682: I can adapt everything
    The quiz game : umm are you sure?

  27. Yep, not that surprised that 999 is able to beat 682.

  28. Why I don't play the impossible quiz:

  29. What the he- scp-999 has a chainsaw?

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