Scootaloo Plays The Impossible Quiz -

Scootaloo Plays The Impossible Quiz

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Hey everypony! It’s scootaloo here, and today I was playing the impossible quiz 😀 Nothing is impossible for scootaloo!
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  1. I am not a damn pony! I am a human who despises fire!!!

  2. Hi Scootaloo. May I request a video or song for you to watch or sing pretty please?

  3. you are good at this game scootaloo are cool like raindow dash more cool

  4. I wanna hug scootaloo rn

  5. aww scootie dont cry hugs you tightly dont worry scootie youre the smartest pony i know

  6. Answer this question backwards i got that immedeatily ALSO I CANT SPELL

  7. Scootaloo: Next question, Onion.
    Confused filly activate
    Scootaloo: Thats not even a fricken QUESTION!!

  8. The reason shallots was right is because shallots are often used to replace onions

    Because shallots are less oniony than onions but still give you the suggestion of onions

  9. 3:30 as soon as you got it wrong I realized that they wanted you to click the frigging word!

    They always get you that way

  10. 0:36 You don’t know what a Polo is? It’s a sport’s shirt, and if you look there are 4 holes, one where your head goes through, two where your arms go through and one where your body goes through.

  11. 1:01 You don’t know who Mike Tyson is? Don’t you know how to google Scoot? He’s a boxer.

  12. Why are you crying Scootaloo, over a question you can’t do? ITZ JUZT AH GAYM!

  13. 9:11 No they’re not, werewolves are very bad for the ecosystem.

  14. Scootaloo: reads question, Me trying to stay calm as I do know the answer: answer the question backwards…..

  15. I like the emphasis on "And that was a random guess!" You know?

  16. 😂👉😦😦😦🚫☻☻☻🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗👸☻✔

  17. ask celestia to tell you how
    to play

  18. Your Scootaloo impression is top notch! Easily the best I've heard! Keep it up

  19. Hi have a great day 🌈🍓🦄🍩🍉🍭🍪🍩

  20. A werewolf is person wolf not a normal wolf

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