Russian lady VS The Impossible Quiz: Who wins? -

Russian lady VS The Impossible Quiz: Who wins?

Stella the Russian
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  1. At about 7:09, I think the reference is to the song which goes "stop, hammer-time!", titled "Can't Stop This" of which Weird Al made a parody called "Can't Watch This".

  2. She keeps experimenting and embarrassing herself on the Internet 😆🤌
    Timecode your favourite moment!

  3. I do not understand this game at all…. SO I'll leave it up to you. 🧐

  4. I enjoyed this way more than I should have 😂. Good job pimp

  5. I watch your videos at .25 speed in 1080P because I appreciate them so much.

  6. Hi beautiful hope you're having a great day. God bless!!!!

  7. That was a trick quiz u have a opera voice love the sound effects 💯❤

  8. Me while at work walking : watches video
    Video : *random car seizure noises *
    Random person next to me: 🤨
    Me: 🤫

  9. The reason the answer to "What is the seventh letter of the alphabet?" is "H" is because they are asking what is the seventh letter of the word combination "the alphabet".

  10. there you go, proof Blondes are not dumb. When the blonde heard on the news that 10 Brazilian men were lost at sea, she asked, "wow, how many is a brazilian?"

  11. 👏 OMG Stella took that quiz on like a champ!
    ….and Stella when I saw how that hamster looked at the screen I couldn't help myself . 🙏
    🤣 aha ha !

  12. This was quite the pastiche of Daliesque images strung together in a coherent manner. Thank you, Stella, for this art installation.

  13. Outstanding performance for English as a second language. Cheers to you!

  14. This game is about as painful as season 8, if that's possible.

  15. i do not know how you powered through this stella. i hate these quizzes more than mayonnaise.

  16. why would you put yourself
    through this hell😂😂😂

  17. I would kiss you all day long beautiful stella

  18. Actually i don't really Understand what going on, but i Adore your Cuteness Stella, warm hug from Indonesia Friend….🇷🇺 Spasiba

  19. The dot in the "i" is the smallest.
    The 7th letter of "the alphabet" is H.

  20. Uploaded on 7/22, I like that number. Interesting creative quiz.

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