Ross Vs. The Impossible Quiz -

Ross Vs. The Impossible Quiz

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The Impossible Quiz is a Flash Game Released in February 2007. Will Ross be able to solve all 110 questions on this quiz from 2007 or will he rage and give up? Fail 3 questions and it’s back to the beginning of the quiz!

Game –
The Impossible Quiz 1



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  1. For the last question, click the 42nd 42.

  2. Don’t use your skips, because you’ll need all of them at the very end of the quiz if you want to pass all the 110 questions

  3. I’ve made it to 110, but I never completed it.

  4. This how many times Ross puts his hands on his face


  5. For the last few you skipped, it was
    Mary rose
    Cyndrical adventures
    The second 42 n the bottom row.

  6. Game:what's the 7th letter of the abcs
    Game:JUST GIVE UP!!!!!

  7. the answer was h cause the prvious question h was the seven letter

  8. Ross your intro reminds me of really old youtube intros lol

  9. T h e A l p h a b e t

  10. I beat it in fifth grade but it took me forever

  11. I was obsessed when i was younger and made it top question 81.

  12. The Impossible Quiz? In 2019????? More likely than you think

  13. the impossible quiz is easy i beat it useing like 90 skips the 110 levels are easy

  14. Mate. Pal. We all can beat you. It's the sad truth but sometime you have to live with it…

  15. Ross trying to convince himself he’s smart is literally me 😂

  16. For the ‘how do you kill a werewolf’ question, the answer is shoe polish because shoe polish has silver in it, and silver is toxic for werewolves….
    Just thought I’d spread some big brain knowledge with my pal!

  17. Wait a second uploaded 7 minutes ago. Comments: 5 days ago O w O

  18. You can tell the person who made this is British

  19. Number sixteen was the 7th letter of THE ALPHABET
    123 4567

  20. I can make it to 80 something btw if u want I can show you the path through this madness. Or you can do it yourself

  21. I beat all 100 levels and used my skips for the last 5 levels like your supposed to to beat the game in total 105 levels

  22. I will never be able to unhear him say "Ham Ross" as his intro.

    Now you won't either.

  23. 3:08 The developers do realize the dot next to the question number is slightly smaller then the dot above the "i", no?

  24. Don’t use the skips I’ve heard you need all of them for one of the last questions

  25. The one you ended on was 42 42

  26. man i remember why i stopped watching you you did post for like months and now i happy you post again i just started watching you again

  27. There was a kid in my school once who could finish the entire game in less than 10 minutes and he became really popular, then he never finished the second game and he stopped being popular, it was weird.

  28. When I did this for most of them I was screaming f*cking Ross questions…… I was wrong so so wrong so the next time I played it I screamed jerry questions

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