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Random Video ~ The Impossible Quiz Book: Chapter 3 (Spatula Future)

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Time to finish this with the final Impossible Quiz ever! Enjoy~

Question Notes:

102: I don’t know what this means. At all.
107: The question style is in that similar to the Impossible Quiz prototype, released in 2004.
108: “Bang” as in the Big Bang.
110: The hieroglyphs spell “bomb”.
114: Reference to The Impossible Quiz. Stroke Chris and you make a paradox, ending in a Game Over.
118: Reference to The Impossible Quiz 2. Pick up “a penguin” and clicking the rift beneath is incorrect.
120: Click like crazy to make a rainbow.
121: Reference to The Impossible Quiz. Clicking the exclamation mark at the end of the question is incorrect.
123: “C” is 100 in Roman Numerals. Also, look for the fusestopper. This power-up was originally the second Lifebuoy, but Splapp did not think the Lifebuoy was that good.
124: Double reference, yay. The original question (Click the answer) is from the original quiz, but how you make an elephant appear is from the sequel – remove the mouse from the window.
126: See Q102.
130: You don’t need to reveal the options first.
133: Type “W” as in “double ewe”. Reference to Chapter 2.
138: How does someone do this without the fusestopper? Reference to The Impossible Quiz. If you actually do charge the laser, you “shoop da whoop” your way to an instant Game Over.
139: Click the valve to get this chapter’s Skip.
140: Since each option cycles through 4 answers from the history of the Impossible Quiz, you can click the lower left option and still get it incorrect. In addition, the question is straight from The Impossible Quiz 2.
141: Only the second-to-last portal sends you forward. Choosing an incorrect portal removes 1 life from you and sends you back to a previous question. (I have been sent back to Q101 before.) If you used up your fusestopper and are warped to before Q123, you can get the fusestopper back, so look out for it.
142: The new arrangement of numbers means that the actual 42nd 42 is 2 places to the right of where it was in The Impossible Quiz. Note that (assuming I counted correctly) that the 1st 42 is in the question’s hint.
144: “Y”… just “Y”?
145: See Q102.
146: Mash exclamation marks to win.
148: Yes, this again. Blue, red, blue, yellow – as revealed in The Impossible Quiz.
149: 30 (Prototype) + 110 (Original) + 120 (Sequel) + 150 (Book) = 410 Questions
150: Choosing to sacrifice your lives results in an instant Game Over. You have to wipe the Impossible Quiz from history. (You can still play the games though. The ending is just plot.)

Well done! You have completed the final Impossible Quiz! Splapp is proud. =)


  1. what happens if yu click the sacrafice one.

  2. does that mean that everyone in the impossible quiz died?

  3. Fun fact on the farrets eating poo question: if you hover over the right farret's eye, it will say aye-aye. Aye-aye is an acuall animal with the same eye as the one it shows on the farret! Pretty clever…mr. quiz.

  4. Description: 133 is a refrence to chapter 1…I think.

  5. @Captain Olimar what is a pikmin fan doing in the impossible quiz? I see you everywhere bro!

  6. What's a good name cause idk honestly says:

    The scene with Chris(the ending) should be a bit longer. Because he simply pops up, smiles and goes away. Then 404. I kinda imagine him staying for little bit longer, before the end.

  7. I did 138 without fusestopping the bomb! Im so proud 😛

  8. Guys, there is no ending for sacrificing your lives. If you do that, all you get is a game over.

  9. Fun fact: The question with 6 buttons in the ending sequence is from the unreleased beta!

  10. in 145 it's in german the question says: What is your favourite colour? and options say: Red, Yellow, Green, White.

  11. Q:138 I do rub the laser not useing fuse stopper

  12. R.I.P 

    The Impossible Quiz

    Born In Jan 1 190 

    Died In Jan 31 2012

    Black Black Black Die BLack Hole

  13. Yura Vereshchak is completed all chapters without fusestopper and skip!

  14. i got the results:

    2/2 power-ups found,

    1/2 power-ups used,

    0/5 lives lost,

    your rank is: B

  15. R.I.P.
    The Impossible Quiz
    February 20 2007 – January 30 2012
    Engulfed by a black hole and thus erased from history.

  16. If it's a random video, how the shit you know all the answers?

  17. Splapp had a great idea making this but why time travel? (I'm confused

  18. I know a lot of people are stuck on 108 just type bang

  19. According to Splapp's Tumblr feed, the Impossible Quiz can be continued in the year 3000, when it enters the Public Domain. Stay tuned for that, guys. And you'd better eat your vegetables.

  20. Do you even get a ranking after completing the 3rd chapter?

  21. on question 149, is it possible to get the fuse stopper?

  22. Can someone tell me the name of the screaming sound effect on 6:26?


  24. I identify the reversed song at the end as Waterflame-Time Machine

  25. Please choose Another choice next vid dont swipe impossible quiz

  26. Gladys Del Transito Calquin Gutierrez AUTTP says:

    What if you click wipe the impossible quiz out of history


    I like how Frank screams like Suicide Mouse

  28. I have played this chapter before. Some things I learned from it:
    102: The hieroglyphs say "Water" so click the zig zag line since it looks like water.
    123, the roman numerals show "124" since it was originally going to be the 124th question, but Splapp forgot to change that
    125 is much easier on a touchscreen
    130 is the opposite of Q37 from the first Impossible Quiz
    131 is hard to do on a touchpad. It's easier with a mouse
    141, you can type "cast" like in question 43 back in chapter 1, and move on to the next question. It is a glitch but it makes sense this chapter due to it being about time traveling, the question got mixed with an earlier one
    146, be very careful when hitting ! because the Tab button is close to the ! key. Also you don't need to hold Shift. So just keep hitting 1 for this one.
    148, be quick because once the bomb reaches 3, the yellow button will leave and you'll need to skip it if that happens

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