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Random Video ~ Impossible Quiz 2 (Casual Run)

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Released in 2007 (I think), this is the sequel to one of the most infamous Flash games ever devised.

Here, I play through it normally. Any noteworthy questions will be supplied with notes below.


Question Notes:

7: Press the right arrow key.
9: Click the bubble for a Skip. Keep clicking the creature to evolve it.
20: Click the zit in the ear for a Fusestopper.
29: Let the green bomb explode for a Skip.
37: “Elephants don’t like mice!” ~ Impossible Quiz 1
41: Fusestopper in the corner.
43: This question is a random question from the first Impossible Quiz.
49: Don’t press the key if it doesn’t say “Frank Says”.
50: Click like crazy for the first part.
58: Space. Get it now?
63: Press Q on the keyboard for a Skip.
66: Click the purple flower for a Fusestopper.
67: To hell with this question. The button in the lower-left is important.
69: Click the bomb when there are 2 seconds to go.
70: Click Chris, then count the punches.
73: More rapid clicking.
75: I hope you counted.
78: Keep the mouse over the handle.
82: Click “Obvious” with 3 seconds or less on the clock.
86: Press U to win.
91: Wait for the reticule, then blow her head off. Screw you Amy Rose.
95: …That rabbit is disgusting.
99: Blue and green balloons deduct lives, while black balloons are an instant game over.
100: The code is in Question 67. I told you the button was important.
103: Watch the credits. He does have a collar.
104: Anyone who can do this without a Fusestopper is either a god or someone with a broken wrist.
107: This is a random question from the first 100 (with the usual format) with the actual options removed. You’d better have a good memory.
113: “The nicest” is that brownish colour.
114: Alternate the left and right arrow keys.
117: This is a random question from the Impossible Quiz Prototype. Ouch.
118: Do nothing. At all.
120: This asks you a random question about what you saw in the first 100 questions. This can be anything. The clue could even just be “LOL”, to which the answer is Question 69.


  1. Im going to dominate the last question when I get to it

  2. Answers:

    1. Up his sleevies

    2. Paint

    3. Earth

    4. American (A merry can)

    5. Do what Frank says. There are 3 variations – udder, carrot or arse.

    6. 8 (There are 28 letters in the sentence, but it is 8 since it is talking about the word ‘sentence’)

    7. Press right on your keyboard.

    8. 10 letters in (‘Where does’ is nine letters, the letter t starts 10 letters in)

    9. Click the creature rapidly to evolve it. SKIP: Click the bubble floating by.

    10. Pick up ‘a penguin’.

    11. Complete the maze. Click and hold to grab the key. DO NOT stop doing so until the end. You cannot right click or left-click and hold, since that is cheating.

    12. Fine (It is upside-down according to how the question is written)

    13. Lederhosen

    14. Click the question number twice. It reads that if you put the message together.

    15. A backwards dog (It is read like that anyway!)

    16. Chris

    17. Touch the brown balloon.

    18. Fly sandwiches

    19. Fusestopper

    20. Turn on the lights and click the zits on his face. FUSESTOPPER: Click the purple zit on his ear.

    21. 30 (The demo came first, not the Impossible Quiz 1!)

    22. Pink clouds

    23. Drag the circle – that the question number in – to the middle bottom square.

    24. Space (Sea = C, the spacebar is under it)

    25. When it’s a jar

    26. You run. You run so far away

    27. Press one on your keyboard.

    28. This is Sparta!

    29. Any bombs unravelled should be dragged to the tap to wash out. Unravel the green gem and click on it. SKIP: Unravel the green bomb and let it explode.

    30. Click on the 0 in the question number.

    31. Drive down the M4

    32. Click the finger.

    33. Click the question number.

    34. Click the button. Clicking ‘this’ will result in an instant Game Over.

    35. Aim for the face

    36. Tequila (To kill her)

    37. Remove your mouse from the screen. Elephants don't like mice!

    38. Mash the spacebar repeatedly.

    39. See 11. This time your mouse is invisible because of the vanish which is unavoidable.

    40. Toucan

    41. There is a dot that will dissolve. Click on that one. FUSESTOPPER: It is invisible but hover your mouse around in the bottom right corner.

    42. Drag the left guy's hand onto Pig Buster.

    43. Hope you've played the original Impossible Quiz!

    44. What you say!!

    45. There are clickable letters – E and I in ‘I see..’ and O in ‘O rly?’. Click then in this order: E I E I O.

    46. Around Orion's waist (that's where belts go anyway!)

    47. Universal Serial Bus

    48. USB Ports

    49. Basically Simon Says. If it doesn’t say Frank Says don't do it.

    50. Part 1: Click the bone rapidly. Part 2: Stroke him, like you do in Q68 of the original Impossible Quiz.

    51. Camel, it's among the words ‘Came last’.

    52. Rub the lamp rapidly.

    53. Next to the G.

    54. There is a mouse tail at the bottom right corner, drag it there.

    55. Pokémon (Poke them on)

    56. Lol micropenis

    57. Four. This is why, if it was one, it cannot be true since it has 3 letters. Three has five and six has three. Four has four letters, so that is the answer.

    58. It's space. Press the spacebar.

    59. Remove the r from Varnish.

    60. Drag the cat like mad.

    61. To get to the other side. Surely you have heard of the joke.

    62. Edam (‘Made’ backwards)

    63. Click the button with the Q (the button that changes the quality). SKIP: Press Q on your keyboard.

    64. Find the differences. The planet, the cloud, the green thingy, the tooth, the scar under his eye and the ground.

    65. Goat's blood

    66. Click the light green leaves, not the dark green ones. FUSESTOPPER: Click the purple flower.

    67. See 39. There is a button there. It is important.

    68. Checkpoints are for the weak and mentally challenged

    69. Wait for the bomb to reach 2 then click it.

    70. Click Chris. Pay attention to how many times Chris is punched.

    71. 28.8kbps modem

    72. Violence

    73. Click the bush rapidly.

    74. No. Don't click Yes or you have to restart.

    75. I hope you were paying attention.

    76. Aids

    77. A fat bloke

    78. Hover your mouse over the handle.

    79. Drag ‘on’.

    80. A corpse's bra

    81. Click the anser. It looks like a brown duck.

    82. Click Obvious when the bomb starts flashing.

    83. Drag the circle (in the middle) and click the arrow it is covering.

    84. See 43. Spend too long and there will be a message saying, “You've played the first Impossible Quiz, haven't you?”

    85. Nevar!

    86. U on your keyboard.

    87. Pay attention to which egg the arrow points at.

    88. The bomb is a dud. Don't do anything.

    89. I’d have thought at least one of them would have ducked

    90. TL;DR (Too long; don't read)

    91. Click the red reticule when it appeares to shoot Amy’s head off.

    92. None – I'm on question 92 of the Impossible Quiz 2 🙁

    93. Click ‘odd one out'.

    94. Silence

    95. Click the people in this order: 4th, 7th, 3rd, 8th, 1st, 5th, 2nd, 6th.

    96. The number of lives you have. It will always be the smallest.

    97. K (Blac k hole)

    98. 5 (Q49, Q51, Q81, Q90 and this question)

    99. Get 99 red balloons. Blue ones get rid of a life, green ones subtract a balloon and a bomb is instant game over.

    100. Enter the code that you saw in 67. The button was important.

    101. Type the alphabet (a, b, c, d, e, f, etc.)

    102. Drag the pictures and click Chris' face.

    103. Red. The credits show.

    104. Wipe the windows. Using a fusestopper is highly recommended.

    105. The switch is behind the question number.

    106. Drag the blue eye onto the machine and replace it with a tennis ball.

    107. I hope you have good memory.

    108. See 39. Only difference is that there is no key and the vanish makes the maze invisible. You can get away with cheating if you have more than one life.

    109. Graphite

    110. Click the red square. That's all.

    111. Type ‘tebahpla eht’ (‘the alphabet' backwards).

    112. Drag the tin to where that opener is and spin it.

    113. Brown

    114. Use the left and right arrow keys.

    115. Caturday

    116. Drag the objects into the correct place in the fusestopper.

    117. I hope you have played the Impossible Quiz Demo.

    118. Tab has been forbidden since it highlights clickable objects. It is cheating.

    119. Type horse, peanut and chihuahua.

    120. Different variations appear. I hope you have good memory.

    V1 – Which was the first balloon question? (17 – Brown!)
    V2 – Which was the second maze question? (39 – The first was 11)
    V3 – Which question was the second fusestopper on? (41 – See above)
    V4 – One question had a red question number. Which one was it? (43 – Questions from the first Impossible Quiz appear)
    V5 – There are two Frank Says questions. One of them was #5. Which was the other? (49 – Frank speaks gibberish instead of words)
    V6 – Burnt Face Duck (56 – Crime is a ** that needs wiping up)
    V7 – Which question did Mars first appear in? (58 – Wait a little to see him float by)
    V8 – Which question was longcat in? (60 – Drag it rapidly)
    V9 – Ponk Plucking (66 – Pluck the pale leaves off the thing)
    V10 – LOL (69 – LOL 69)
    V11 – One Hit Wonder (99 – 99 red balloons…)

    If you are reading this, go and play now.

  3. D: A bit crap… But it's better than F: Bag of shite.

  4. Jacopo the Blue Hoodie Masked Boy - Since 2017 says:

    Did you skip a question of the demo?!

  5. If you guys don’t know why he didn’t press tab. It said he’ll die on 118.

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