Professional Geoguessr YouTubers Take the IMPOSSIBLE Google Maps Quiz -

Professional Geoguessr YouTubers Take the IMPOSSIBLE Google Maps Quiz

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In today’s video, I’ve challenged 4 professional Geoguessr YouTubers, to figure out which image is the imposter in a series of 10 quiz questions. They have a possible 3 points each round, but those points do not come cheap! Be sure to play along and see what score you can get yourself!

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Chicago Geographer – @ChicagoGeographer

Edited by @PoisonedVFX

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  1. Really love that format! Would be interesting if you would manage to do city coverage that is misleading enough. But this also works great!

  2. He never fails to create the best geoguessr content

  3. The best way to make these videos would be to play rare locations world maps and the ones that you mistake for other countries, find where in that country you mistake it for, and make 2 more locations nearby. Then make one an eye catcher and another similar to the original one from rare locations.

  4. Played along and got 10 points! My strongest moment was definitely getting Indonesia on Round 3. At first I thought the dry part of Brazil could be the main area. But then I thought the buildings in the green image could be Indo. After that I noticed the gutter in the red image. Very Indonesian, especially that it is made out of natural stone. The yellow one fits for the dryness of East Nusa as well. You sometimes can see dead forests with small trees there. So I was convinced with Indo. Blue I also got right being imposter Latin America but I was going for Colo.
    Also I got Southern Australia being the main region on round 8. That felt good knowing Zig made this. 😀 But I was going with South Africa as the imposter in green.

  5. Harrier or Draco Malfoy? Am I the only one who sees the resemblance lol
    Anyway great video Zig!

  6. Using this comment as my score counter

    Through round 4: 2 points.

  7. Zi8gzag can you make a playlist of this series?

  8. You are definitely a teacher making these verry difficult assignments for your students and loving it. And giving positive feedback. I'm a teacher myself so I know 😉

  9. I aced the mongolia/lithuania one, thanks for an ego boost haha

  10. great video Oscar, very nice editing as well..also can we appreciate that stique got 22/27 points? so sad he can't participate in the World Cup..

  11. Absolutely love this format. One thing that would make this even better for me would be to show the locations on a map after the first or last person guessed.

  12. Definitely my fav series on YT! Keep up the great work 👑👏

  13. This series is soooo much fun 🤩🤩

  14. I think I got 6 points

    The fact that Stique got 22 is fucking insane

  15. Love this format, must be lots of work but they are so much fun to watch.

  16. favorite series by FAR and really solid editing – hopefully all the editing doesn't take too much time. would love to see more of these and introduce us to more pros

  17. Zig zag, you should do one round where its photos with USA flags, and 1 photo with a Canada flag. Then just actually have the flags line up with the countries. Mind games. 😏😏

  18. Yo, going Greek island and Israel for different continents was DIRTY!
    17:56 "I regret to inform you that you've mentioned neither continent here." Canada and Mexico?

  19. Nusa = island. Referring to East and West Nusa Tenggara ("Tenggara Island") as East and West Nusa seems illogical.

  20. I got 7/30 myself. Nice to see that I can hang with some of the pros lol

  21. You just have to cheer for Chicago when he is doing something haha.
    Also Jake is going to be a problem at the World cup…

  22. I got 2 points lmao
    this is way too tough

  23. of course Stique doubles the winning score 💀

  24. The Turkey Canada one , the sky is identical on all the Turkey ones 😂

  25. I REALLY dig the adding a bunch of other pros scores at the end. That kinda allows us to see what it would look like if it was a tournament or something of similar nature, awesome idea!


  26. I was trying to figure out why the letters… but then I remember color blindness. So well done

  27. What an evil challenge! I liked it a lot 🙂

  28. Love the content. More importantly, Zigzag single handedly trying to bring back the awful middle part hairstyle me and the boys were all rocking in 1997.

  29. Got 5 points. I was so close in the last round, I switched Turkey and Chile and I knew the imposter had to be one between red and green, but of course I picked the wrong one

  30. mate i still dont understand how you only have 22k veiws on this and 50k subs, you deserve at least 500k by now and millions of veiws pure entertainment right here

  31. Total noob but got the Ireland/Canada round…being an Irish hiker helped…Canada was a pure punt

  32. I can't complain about getting 6 points. I thought a lot of them were Iceland lmao.

  33. A bit too tough imo. Even the experts struggled. The viewers at home have no hope. The concept is great though.

  34. Can’t explain why but you kinda look like an elf

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