Press Start (8-Bit) - The Impossible Quiz Book: Chapter 2 -

Press Start (8-Bit) – The Impossible Quiz Book: Chapter 2

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Music: Press Start (8-Bit)
Composer: JohnDare
Platform: PC

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  1. I’ve been waiting for this since the Hypercam takeover, and now it’s finally here, performing for us.

  2. It's impossible to escape the rips. Believe me, I've tried.

    Tbh though this is p good

  3. PPAP, Granddad, Haltman, and did I miss anything?

  4. Don't Worry These Pizzas Are In Good Hands says:

    Question #7 GRANDDAD?!
    3. NOZOMI? 4. HIT OR MISS?

  5. Shout-out to everyone who didn't get the joke because they couldn't wait literally 30 seconds before commenting

  6. I thought grand dad died in the ccc when he got shot by wood man using a coconut gun.

  7. For a while I was expected L' amour Toujours/I'll fly with you by Gigi D'Agostino!

  8. Man, Grand Dad jokes are such Knee-Splappers.

  9. Can anyone tell me how many holes are in polo?

  10. Pop quiz:

    Are the Fleenstones and Kirby connected?

  11. At this point silvagunner is already just toying us with the continuation of the christmas comback crisis

  12. Question 7: Can a snow halate?
    A: Yes
    B: No
    C: pi
    D: No, but a Grand Dad

  13. VENGO DE UN JUAN CUALQUIERA :v soy el primero en decirlo xd

  14. ahlo anthony nochez –__

  15. Holy fuck i remember this shit. I used to love the impossible quiz holy shit

  16. Would you F**K Pichu

    Hell No! Yes!

    FLEENSTONES? Loli Pichu Noises

  17. Geometry Dash SubZero Rips When?

    Also, This is the First Time that The Impossible Quiz At ALL was on the SiivaGunner Channel. It's funny because I found a Parody Channel with a Rip from this Series! :3

    ALSO Also, Apperently SiivaGunner Counts Chapter 1 and 2 as Separate Games. Unless he goes the Shovel Knight Route and Fuses them all Together.

    Also x3, There's a Hidden TikTok Joke at 1:20 if Anyone is Wondering! >:3

    Edit: Just Notice that 1:03 Snuck in a "PPAP" Reference! :3

  18. Reminds me of cave story even though it's just some of the main jokes mixed in with other things

  19. Grand Cat 7?

    I guess Impossible Chris must be going back in time and ends up in Bedrock. Say hello to Dino, Chris.

  20. If chapter 2 was good, why isn't there a chapter 2 2?

  21. Podrías hacer un remix de driftveil city de pokemon negro plis?

  22. There was a VERY sneaky pineapple pen in there

  23. what is the seventh letter of the alphabet

  24. Oh look, it's Grand dad.


  25. Should be remixed to Tarzan Boy. That's all I hear with the opening synth.

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