Press Start (8-Bit) (Beta Mix) - The Impossible Quiz Book: Chapter 2 -

Press Start (8-Bit) (Beta Mix) – The Impossible Quiz Book: Chapter 2

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Music: Press Start (8-Bit) (Beta Mix)
Composer: JohnDare
Platform: PC

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  1. Also gadget’s brock bricks theme at the end

  2. Question 2: Should you use the Nokia Arabic Ringtone as your ringtone?

    1. Yes
    2. No
    3. Maybe
    4. I don't know
    5. Club Penguin

  3. I'm familiar with literally none of the jokes, but this is still a bop.

  4. Joke: science so gadet theme and gadget room

  5. Cliche comment, but to me, this is what mild anxiety sounds like

  6. 21. Igloo

    A. Haha yeah
    B. I see you
    C. Club Penguin
    D. Elmer's


    Club Penguin rips yeah!

  8. Inspector Gadget must get to the Gadget Room to study for SiIva's impossible quiz, his jokes

  9. What's the correct answer?

    >The correct answer
    >Funny 7

  10. What is this?
    1. A SiIvagunner Rip
    2. A stand-in for a noun
    3. An old flash game
    4. Uhhhhh

  11. Remember how every Letsplayer was playing this back in the day?

  12. The joke is that this game isn't playable now that Adobe is killing Flash Player

  13. Chapter 2 was my favorite of the Impossible Quiz Book, but fuck that one part with the spikeball Sonic enemy.

  14. the impossible quiz book was hidden in the gadget room along with a nokia phone

  15. Pretty sure this is the Felix The Cat Continue Theme y'all

  16. "I stared into the Grand Void, and 7 dads stared back." – Matsuhiko Sakurai 2019

  17. Lowkey I thought the joke was going to be Disco from SMTII.

  18. God I am so happy that Gadget Room is becoming a running joke. I love that song.

  19. There was no Flintstones this rip.

    Grand Dad Drystreak: 2

    Dang, this brings back memories.

  20. thought this was gonna be the disco music from SMT II at first

  21. The joke is that it's impossible to figure out

  22. Dont you dare sneak an inspector gadget in there again

  23. The instrument used for Gadget Room and the Arabic nokia ringtone is pretty nice, actually.

  24. Can I interject and say that this is the Beta Mix
    Meaning that this song has somehow been ripped twice

  25. Sorry, thought I was gonna be alone for a second there.

  26. For a second I thought this was the bad touch by bloodhound gang

  27. The Impossiblr Quiz Book
    Arabic edition

  28. ARABFUNNY??????!?!!!??? SIIVAGUNNER HALAL CONFIRMED الآن هذا هو الشيء الأكثر ملحمية التي سمعتها ، شكراً لكم الله SiivaGunner is allah إلهي لطيفة لطيفة لطيفة لطيفة لطيفة yes epic الحمد لله a

  29. This actually sounds good, why the hell does it sound good

  30. @Silvagunner please do a rip of A Little Respect by Erasure?

  31. I thought it was gonna be Hey There Delilah for a sec

  32. I almost thought this was gonna be "Hey There, Delilah".

  33. I can't hear the Puzzle Room that everyone's referring to 🙁

  34. this gives me so much blue balls because i expect the bass to resolve in to lamour toujours but it just DOESNT HAPPEN

  35. (7)
    What is this rip about?

    [ FLEENSTONES? ] [ Inspector Gadget ]

    [ Snow Halation ] [ MF DOOM ]

  36. For a second I thought I heard my balls but more in I see

  37. I never figured out that question about Gary…

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