PLEASE NO... The Impossible Quiz 2 is even HARDER... -

PLEASE NO… The Impossible Quiz 2 is even HARDER…

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I tried the impossible quiz in 2022 and guess what… IT WAS HARD. Now, The Impossible Quiz 2 is even harder! The Impossible Quiz walkthrough is one of the hardest games ever! Can we do the impossible quiz speedrun in this video? This is a funny adventure with RobertIDK that you won’t want to miss!

I WILL DEFEAT THE IMPOSSIBLE QUIZ! | (The Impossible Quiz Finale) :

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  1. Here is a song that I did not make up there's a spider on my ceiling and I'm naming him Dave
    Spider Dave you better behave spider dave:no
    Pokemon music starts

  2. The original impossible quiz was a prototype with thirty questions before he came out his the official 110 question quiz

  3. People who see Robert’s The Impossible Quiz Thumbnail: Dangggg that is hard…
    People who actually watched The Video: ,| _ |,

  4. You haven’t don’t the final question (level 100.) in TIQ2

  5. Q:21 the very first quiz has 30 because it is referencing the demo/unfinished version

  6. American = A-merry-can for those who didn’t get it lol 😂😭🥲

  7. It was less painful because you had 5 lives

  8. actually the reason 21's answer is 30, it's asking for the VERY first impossible quiz AKA meaning the demo, the demo has 30 questions.

  9. In the question 21, it was questioning to the demo, not the deluxe.

  10. Why are there Swedish subtitles on the doctor Phil clip?

  11. I love seeing Robert use every one of his brainy cells to complete a quiz

  12. there was a demo of the impossible qiuz with 30 questions

  13. I laughed for so long when the startle reversed 8:04

  14. I learned recently that there was a sample version of the impossible quiz a long time ago that had 30 questions on it. That’s why the answer was 30.

  15. Just wait until he finds out they’re making more lol

  16. The reason that the answer to question 21 is 30 is because the demo version only had 30

  17. If someone can tell me how many times he dead I will pay you 100 bucks

  18. Q20: It's the questions from the Impossible Quiz Demo

  19. I hope there is a video that robertidk completes the imposable quizz 2

  20. I am about to watch this video and wanted to wish you luck ( very late lol ) BTW I love your vids!🥰

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