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Odablock attempts the Impossible Quiz, obviously there is rage inbound….

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This video showcases some of Odablock’s funniest moments, and the best of odablock. These videos will come out regularly so make sure to check the odablock playlist when it is created. We see some rage /cringe / funny moments. Some would say the best of twitch. Lets just say, rage & funny moments. Leave a like & subscribe if you enjoyed.


  1. An question mark is not a letter lol. Who made this quiz? Stupid af

  2. Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the baldest of them all ?

  3. Haha I love all ur videos keep it up home slice 🤙🤙🤙🤣🤣

  4. How was "How can Oda grow hairs" not on the impossible quiz?? Even doctors cant figure this question out, Zats crazy

  5. When he stood up and turned his head upside down hahaha

  6. Every one of Oda's misfortunes is always Jagex's fault

  7. Wallah this is way better then any content out there, only valorant is better

  8. bro "May allah forgive me for clicking that answer " LOl

  9. My man gets fucked by jagex so much he even blames them here @4:52

  10. The transition from you saying “my head hurts daddy” to staring to the right made me crease loool

  11. wich is the largest milky way nope its earth wtf

  12. i wouldve loved to watch him do all 120 questions even if it was 3 hours long lol

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