My Teachers THINK IM DUMB (BitLife) -

My Teachers THINK IM DUMB (BitLife)

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⛏Today we start a new life in bitlife and try and become a millionaire
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  1. Bitlife part two pls continue this series I love it,

  2. I remember i played this, my parents died so me and my sister (who were very close in bitlife) inherited a couple million dollars each at about 2 years old, we had to get put up for adoption.

  3. What to say what to say uhmmm oh umm no no noooo UHMMMMMM

  4. How is your dad 55 old den He is aseli your grepa not dad it's grepa hell go to school 😐

  5. SSudee you are di best youtuber ever i wil like all your wirios wrait now!

  6. Craigs birthday is the same as mine so epic

  7. I downloaded it and my mom is 21 my dad is 53

  8. I LOVE sendees vids but he asks for likes way to much😞😝

  9. Earlier I saw at the pet store I found a pet named Pikachu

  10. The first time I played bitlife my dad was 78 my mom was 26 my dad died the first time I pressed +age button my dad died then I had like 2 million dollars

  11. Bro I had 1 million bucks and my sis still gave me money

  12. Yaaaaaaaaaay he played the game that I wish he will play

  13. Irl my mum is 40 and dad is 60. And my Auntie is 42 and Uncle is 68………..

  14. We have gain like 252 likes, now where's the second one

  15. U banged Ur sisters knuckle u are a boxer baby!

  16. his 2 year old stats is what he is like right now

  17. ssundee gave Peachy a treat and it said "I gave peachy some EGGS🤣

  18. My first time playing bitlife my mom was 22 and dad 23

  19. babies eat veggies they like dont care about it

  20. I was playing bit life and my dad was 77 and my mom was 14

  21. Hey you know you said you are looking good well I got 100% because I got plastic surgery you should check it out

  22. At the start of school craig had no friends, just like ssundee now

  23. craigs dad is old enough to have been craigs moms dad

  24. this game is pretty epic cause you can actually choose what you want and theres no wrong or right answer if you want to beat a kid up in school you can

  25. i was wondering, when are you gonna make a part two of this series??? i really enjoyed it!! i play bitlife too now, because i saw your vid!:) please make a part 2:)

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