Ms. Marvel's Iman Vellani vs. 'The Most Impossible Marvel Quiz' | PopBuzz Meets -

Ms. Marvel’s Iman Vellani vs. ‘The Most Impossible Marvel Quiz’ | PopBuzz Meets

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Can you beat ‘The Most Impossible Marvel Quiz’?! Iman Vellani can do it in her sleep 💅💥

To celebrate the release of Ms. Marvel, we challenged Kamala Khan herself – and self proclaimed Marvel superfan – Iman Vellani to take on an expert level MCU quiz 🌟 From her impeccable Marvel knowledge to her Iron STAN credentials, can you beat her score? 👀

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  1. It would be great if when Iman forget about War Machine, Don Cheadle showed up and said "Boom, you looking for this?"

  2. Ok thats actualy funny to mis captain marvel when ms marvel (who is she) is like her biggest fan

  3. Iman and Xochitl were the best addition to the mcu cast

  4. Love her. So glad she was chosen for Ms.Marvel. She is great.

  5. She’s got total Hailee vibes. Go watch her video on the impossible quiz on HER. These are very comparable. They are both adorable!

  6. I love how much she's involved and knows about the MCU. You go Iman <3

  7. omg i need Hailee steinfeld and Imaan to be interviewed! i swear they give off the same vibe!

  8. Thumbnail is like* iman vellani took a huge inside her…*

  9. So basically she wasnt acting at all in MS Marvel… its more a biopic with special effects

  10. Thats not impossible ques
    U should ask ques like what code did black widow put in camp lehiegh in captain america winter soldier

  11. Iman is the most adorable person on the face of God's green! 🥰

  12. The editing on the War Machine part was brilliant

  13. I love how she’s basically a fan just like us who got cast in a show. She’s the best 😂

  14. I would’ve failed right away cuz I said Mary Jane

  15. 4:45 The Incredible Hulk was the best solo movie, only the Winter Soldier came close

  16. She is sssssoooooooo Ccccccuuuutttteeee!!!!

  17. You need to get tom in here now to see who gets the higher score!

  18. 1:33 its so cute the way she says "your tony stark knowledge"

  19. Thought for a moment she was gonna pull a "its not a competition….but if it was id smoke your a$$" kinda line

  20. Iman is such a breath of fresh air. So entertaining to watch. Mad props to the editor of this video too.

  21. Her and Spider-Man definitely need a team-up movie.

  22. How can u forget the og guardians of the galaxy

  23. I have to watch every MCU all over again to answer these questions like she did… she's too impressive

  24. ms marvel is best series , i enjoyed it alot , hats off to iman vellani and marvel

  25. the fact that she knows every movie released by DATE

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