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Miranda Cosgrove vs. ‘The Most Impossible iCarly Quiz’

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To celebrate the UK launch of Paramount+, we challenged Carly Shay herself, Miranda Cosgrove, to take on an EXPERT level ‘iCarly’ quiz 👀 Oh, and Miranda also reveals if Carly and Freddie are endgame 🫢

From the original show to the revival, this quiz is for fans who’ve seen eeeeevery single episode of ‘iCarly’👩🏻‍💻

The question is, can YOU beat Miranda Cosgrove in ‘The Most IMPOSSIBLE iCarly Quiz’?! 👀🔥💻

S U B S C R I B E :

💻 S I T E :
📱 T I K T O K :
📸 I N S T A G R A M :
💻 F A C E B O O K :
🐦 T W I T T E R :

V I D E O P L A Y L I S T S:
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  1. Me screaming Michelle Obama the minute the clock started

  2. what the heck are these questions…like it's a blurred memory…what colour was the t-shirt…lol I dont know last weeks, let alone 10 years.

  3. Miranda Cosgrove sounds so kind hearted – I love when Jeanette mentioned in her book the first gift she got that she loved was from Miranda it was really wholesome and it seems like she put a lot of thought into it

  4. How is it I completely forgot harry was on icarly

  5. yall didnt need to show us she doesnt know drag

  6. She's so sweet and hilarious 😂😂 Love her

  7. She's really cute. Don't know why more people mention this.

  8. It's the Girl from the Show Shayne Topp was in!

  9. how is jordan fisher as big a name as michelle obama 💀

  10. Her knowing every member of one direction’s last name except Liam’s is 🤣 iykyk

  11. So your telling me she went to college finishing icarly and gets a degree just to do icarly

  12. nice of her to remember the victorious cast and i can't believe she forgot michelle obama

  13. pulling all the Victorious cast members was a save

  14. it hurts to know she didnt say austin butler 💔💔

  15. the way i was SCREAMING michelle obama to the screen

  16. Also, James Maslow from Big Time Rush was on the show. He was Shane.

  17. Oh, Malese Jow from Unfabulous. The 2000’s ROCK!!!!

  18. I need to rewatch iCarly to see these guest stars, who was Emma stone???

  19. This just proves she's not vested into the reboot

  20. Carly and Sam BUILT a generations humor

  21. Why did I know the cast was red IMMEDIATLY and I don't even remember what my first kiss was wearing

  22. How did I remember the leg cast Color 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯

  23. I must be a super fan because I got most of these right 😂

  24. Who wouldn't want to be a part of this girls life,,she is wonderful

  25. I agree with Miranda..Freddie and Carly most likely endgame

  26. Why does she look like Megan from Drake and Josh

  27. I was screaming MICHELLE OBAMA at my screen for the last round

  28. I know youll see some how the worlds gonns change for me

  29. I would really love to Meet Miranda in person she seems like she would be lots of fun to hang out with.

  30. i can your voice all days , is a dream miranda

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