Mini Games Mad Friday - (The impossible quiz) -

Mini Games Mad Friday – (The impossible quiz)

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How this is Tomohawk and Welcome to Mini Game Mad Friday :). Friday’s are now all about mini games and having fun. Hope you enjoy please leave a comment below on what games you would like too see me play. Thanks Tomohawk 🙂

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  1. The one that said click the smallest was the dot on the i.

  2. Amazing, well done Tomo Hawk! You did well for your first (i pressume) Go! <3

  3. Great quizzing tom! I did it as well and it was so hard. I couldn't even make it to question 15! Maybe ill try again someday!

  4. With click the smallest it was the little ball on the i

  5. on the one you were on you mere ment to spell horse

  6. I facepalmed at this the choose food one was teeth cause CHEWS food the click the smallest dot one you had to click the dot on the i and the last one you had to click

  7. tom i love this game! play it all the time! for the smallest dot one you were supost to click the dot above the I and the last one you were supost to spell horse. all the letters at the bottom was a keyboard! hahaha made my day seeing you play this! cant wait till next friday! 😀

  8. literally my two favourite things tomohawk and the impossible quiz, bring it!!!

  9. I completed it and omg… It was hard

  10. The smallest circle is the dot over the i <— see?? 🙂

  11. You click the dot on the i it's the smallest

  12. Last one you did spell horse by clicking the words

  13. Were it said choose food it ment chews food and number 12 were you skipped it it the dot above the eye and on the last one before you ended the episode was you had to spell horse

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