Minecraft | The IMPOSSIBLE YouTube Quiz FINALE | 4.23 Puzzle Map (Minecraft Custom Map) - santawintergames.com

Minecraft | The IMPOSSIBLE YouTube Quiz FINALE | 4.23 Puzzle Map (Minecraft Custom Map)

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Minecraft | The IMPOSSIBLE YouTube Quiz FINALE | 4.23 Puzzle Map (Minecraft Custom Map)
1500 likes for this awesome map?:D | Don’t miss an episode!►
The Impossible Quiz, YouTube Edition, in Minecraft! Welcome to 4.23, a Minecraft Custom Map that features a quiz-like puzzle experience, where you need to get through 23 rounds of madness to win!

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Minecraft YouTube Impossible Quiz Puzzle Map Download

Music by Shag

All music used with permission from its creator.


  1. I didn't understand any of that, but it was hilarious!

  2. Hey Tyler, if you could, would you be able to do a play through of my new puzzle map, Into the Next. The download link is in the description of the trailer on my channel, good luck, you'll need it 😈

  3. Only 400 likes?
    Man, you deserve more than that.

  4. Dying makes you smarter ! Well if your god and can survive death then yes

    😀 I got you! xD


  7. It said 4.23 but the sign said you are so close but so far so 4.23 close but far is 5 😀 Did anyone else get that o_O???

  8. Whenever you said Phoenix, I kept thinking it was me you were talking to. Lol

  9. 4.23 = youtube creation date / 4.23.15 = 10 years later !

  10. I'll take you I swear oh oh living on a prayer

  11. YES I was sitting here like WHY COMIC SANS in the first part :p

  12. I actually posted a walkthrough on my channel after I saw this. Go check it out!

  13. What song is that playing during the intro?

  14. That 9+10=21 reference tho

  15. holy freaking crap my name is casey and you said my name and i freaking flipped

  16. If your on the part where it says "Its Cheryl's Birthday" Choose July 16.

  17. The last question is the date the game is ment to be played

  18. para quem fala portugues como eu sabia de primeira a resposta de 11:48 tranlating – for who talks portuguese like me knew already the awser of 11:48

  19. If you don't want Comic Sans, maybe Copperplate Gothic is more your style, or maybe Papyrus? Your choice.

  20. Wow my birthday is on July 16…. o________________o

  21. Too badly you didn't show us the rage book

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