Minecraft | The IMPOSSIBLE YouTube Quiz | 4.23 Puzzle Map (Minecraft Custom Map) - santawintergames.com

Minecraft | The IMPOSSIBLE YouTube Quiz | 4.23 Puzzle Map (Minecraft Custom Map)

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Minecraft | The IMPOSSIBLE YouTube Quiz | 4.23 Puzzle Map (Minecraft Custom Map)
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The Impossible Quiz, YouTube Edition, in Minecraft! Welcome to 4.23, a Minecraft Custom Map that features a quiz-like puzzle experience, where you need to get through 23 rounds of madness to win!

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Minecraft YouTube Impossible Quiz Puzzle Map Download

Music by Shag

All music used with permission from its creator.


  1. Your channel is turning 9?! My channel turned 2 in March 🙁

  2. The map creator must be a singaporean cuz of te cheryl question XD ROFL

  3. 1:10 I almost died from surprise because I thought you just said you were 9 years old. lol

  4. The easiest Question was the Cheryls Birthday… But you need to know the popular Cheryl quiz

  5. I was two years old at the time,WOW

  6. Liked for the Cheryl's birthday problem *****

  7. most corect color is red chooses white anyway facepalm

  8. Wait… YouTube was created on my birthday!?!?!?!?

  9. Drumstick is the name of my chicken in real life! Lol

  10. I was tree when YouTube came out XD (almost)

  11. From now my name is YouTube because he told me happy bday

  12. when he said hed been around 4 nine years during the begining i thought he meant he himself was nine years old

  13. I don't really think the Impossible Quiz old help you on this quiz

  14. Somebody needs to make a version of The Impossible Quiz by Splapp-Me-Doo, but in YouTube annotation format.

  15. You don't know the Cheryl's birthday problem

  16. the sandstone question made sense because 4:23 is Minecrafts item number for sandstone

  17. The impossible quiz is a game where you answer questions that don't make sense, and every time you run out of lives you do all the questions and try to guess the answer. This is basically impossible quiz, except with 5 choices instead of 4.

  18. Who thinks Tyler should play the impossible quiz? Like if you share my opinion.

  19. Im 4yrs and 6 days older than youtube

  20. Logdotzip even tho you haven't played the impossible quiz you should know that any map like this never makes any sense same for the impossible quiz it makes no sense at all

  21. DANTDM did this 😂😂that's why I came here

  22. WOW! Youtube is my age! It's a sign.. We are both 12 now…

  23. This is harder than impossible quiz

  24. 4.23 is Won't Lose To The Sudden Rain by Nico Touches The Walls Niconico Touchestouches Thethe Wasllswalls Nicociconico Touchesrtouches toicuhse Tethethe WAlllswallswalls Nicniconiconico Touchestouchhestouchestouches Thetherhe the Wallswasllwallswalla Niconiconiconiconcio Touchestouchestouchsetouchestouches thethethethethe Wallswallswallswallswalla

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