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Minecraft | 100% STUPID!! | Impossible Quiz Custom Map #2

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Today, we are trying to complete the Impossible Quiz in Minecraft map.. But it may be a little harder than we first thought!!

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  1. remember in the last one were dan went im dead im dead which is what endigo yoused in his song

  2. I love how he changes the swear words to something else 😊

  3. i cant stop laughing poor dan lost so many times i know all the answer

  4. Find the different emoji (you need REALLY good eyesight)

  5. Dan : whos birthday is that?
    Me : its my birthday

  6. D A N!…….TDM and J EM M a sitting in A tree 2468 WE WILL BE❤️

  7. dantdm is stupid at 8:20
    wooooooah where half way there woooah livin on a prayer take my hand and so on

  8. YouTube’s last name even that doesn’t make sense lol

  9. This question is upside down i hear jumping helps that’s what it says

  10. Hi there are we at work for the work that you have at your office I can do you want me proof that you have the time and if your house you want me proof that I don’t know how you do that I can do not do you know how to work and I don’t want you to talk about it I wanna call you have a great time you know I wanna call me if I can get you to know me I love you I can talk with you later I

  11. This is not his intro forever sadly…
    I'm from the future.

  12. Try turn on caption to count previos

  13. He screamed ‘Hey Everyone’ so much at the start his mic couldn’t take it

  14. Wow!!😵 that was the Impossible Quize!!😅😂

  15. Not only did this map creator make a room that has no question but kills you instantly, but he also implemented a riddle that no one without knowledge beforehand would know, especially without the riddle being presented to him.

    This map creator is stupidly cruel, and Dan would have had every single right to cheat at that moment if he had to

  16. Dan: doesn’t say crap
    Also Dan: says Hell no

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