Little Mix vs 'The Most Impossible Little Mix Quiz' | PopBuzz Meets -

Little Mix vs ‘The Most Impossible Little Mix Quiz’ | PopBuzz Meets

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How well do Jesy, Jade, Perrie and Leigh-Anne aka Little Mix know themselves?!
There’s only one way to find out, as they take on the most impossible ‘Little Mix’ quiz known to humankind🔥

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  1. "woooaaawww I am genius" is very satisfying to repeat more than thousand time

  2. Hii, we’re little mix, why didn’t jesy do it’s.

  3. I can't find something dissapointment in this video

  4. 2:40 Jesy saying the lyrics of Me~T.S: There's no I in team😃😃

  5. I miss all 4 of them together

  6. Everytime little mix does a quiz against each other, it's the most hilarious thing ever. Couldn't stop laughing throughout the entire video.

  7. the fact that this is like the 1000th time watching this and I never get bored of watching this again and again it’s actually scary

  8. can yall get Twice to also do this quiz, pls it would be so funny 😭

  9. Honestly my fav little mix interview/game

  10. Perrie u wearing that in touch it was fashion

  11. Perrie's "Maybe I should draw cause we've been here before Jes" is about the fish n' chips thing?😂

  12. It’s crazy how jades accent is thicker than Perrier yet the from the same place🤷🏾‍♀️

  13. No one:

    Not even mixers:

    jADe: nO oNe stAns Lm MorE THAn uS

    Me: Are You Sure About That

  14. now looking at this.. jesy looks so off & just not vibin w the other girls

  15. I just realized what was written on jade’s shirt…….👁👄👁

  16. And now we’re getting a Little Mix podcast from PopBuzz!! So excited

  17. Ok
    But look how STUNNING they looked that day!

  18. it’s so sad to see this now with everything that’s happened to them😭😭

  19. You know what.. i think Jesy would never leave if only they have this chance to do things they really want to, such as collaborating with other artists, promoting in the United States because you know what, these girls really love each other and they're so funny and hilarious. It's just so dad that we're having a drama right now but I hope they all get reconcile especially Jesy and Leigh Anne.

    You know what as a music fan I always dreamt about going to a Little Mix concert but i guess it won't happen anymore

  20. funny how jesy never even took part in 'hi, we're little mix'

  21. i know it was touch i a really big fan of little mix but did jesy have to leave she looks so happy with them all the time

  22. Who do you want to see take on 🔥THE MOST IMPOSSIBLE QUIZ🔥 next?! Comment below… ⬇️

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