Little Mix vs 'The Most Impossible Little Mix Lyric Quiz' | PopBuzz Meets -

Little Mix vs ‘The Most Impossible Little Mix Lyric Quiz’ | PopBuzz Meets

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Little Mix may be one of the most successful girl-groups of all time (👑🐐) but how well do they really know their own lyrics? 👀 To find out, we made Jade, Jesy, Leigh-Anne and Perrie compete against EACH OTHER in The Most Impossible Little Mix Lyric Quiz. Which of the girls knows their lyrics best…? Watch the vid to find out

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  1. I'm so sad watching all of their videos together on the day Jesy left the group but they are making me smile

  2. It was a bit clear that Jesy would leave tho, see how quiet she is 🙁 I wish her the best :/

  3. I am here reminiscing moments with Jesy, in order to comfort myself or am I hurting myself more😭

  4. The interviewer is so sweet!! Seems such a nice person

  5. Now that I'm paying more attention to it you can see how bad jesy was doing…😔💕

  6. Jades shut up kills me every time hahah

  7. Jesy is so sad in the entire video ;(((

  8. for the wasabi i new and ligh-anne didn't

  9. That jessy jump scare… Heh it realy realy scared me🤯😳

  10. We all know that if a fan would play it would win straight

  11. “I don’t actually know I just wanted to join in…” :Perrie Edwards

  12. But actually where tf were the features on confetti?

  13. Perrie: Ennngrrrh!
    Also Perrie: I don't actually know. I just wanna join in.

    Jade: Eeeh.

  14. Jades Shatap buzzer is just 👌 😂😂😂😂🌚

  15. Ok but the interviewer is just amazing! He was so sweet and funny, this dude deserves a raise heheh

  16. Girl perrie is wearing barely any makeup and shes stunning

  17. am i the only one wh can see how much jesy wasnt involved all that much ?

  18. The anchors words are really true.. Their most of songs have been underrated in Youtube…. This is such a cruel thing ..

  19. Fast forward to 2021➡️➡️➡️➡️

    Leigh can't remember a single lyric 😂

  20. I like my coffee with two sugars high heels and my jewellery dripping

  21. Both Jade and Jesys buzzers r sending me😭

  22. Leigh-Anne is so annoyed that she got the same number of points as Perrie, who has admitted that she's very bad at this game 😂

  23. Perrie, Jesy, Leigh-anne: THAT WAS ME!
    Jade: 😃

  24. Man Jesy was always so aloof in these interviews

  25. Perrie's reaction to each "shut up" always gets me 😭

  26. MIXERS!!! what's your favourite Little Mix lyric? 👀 LET US KNOW DOWN BELOW ⬇️

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