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Let’s Play The Impossible Quiz | Part Two

Ris Grestar
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How about we play…The Impossible Quiz? Part Two!

You wanted to see more of my attempt, so here’s more! (You also wanted no background music, but that’s something else.) Yep, this quiz is still a pain.

So let’s play, shall we? Enjoy!

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  1. yep, now I'll wait for him to do the second in 5 years

  2. Bro congrats on 10k subs hope some you can make it to 20k next

  3. At the cat one: DON'T click just rub it.

  4. The horseshoe question answer is to click on the U in one of the answers, considering that the letter U is shaped like a horseshoe…

  5. You don't know what the very last question is. Bring as many skips as you can. No, all of them. Also, for the horseshoe one, try typing 'a horseshoe'.

  6. Spoiler Alert: You need all 7 skips for the last question

  7. Could you do the 2nd one and 3rd one which is the book?

  8. oh right..no musik. I forgot~

    man this quiz is really not fair ~ and violates my sense of knowledge : /

  9. If I played this quiz, my brain would shoot out of my head and land on my desk with smoke coming out of it. lol Good Job Ris 🙂

  10. You can rub the cat without clicking or holding, just move your mouse over the cat.

  11. You don't need to click the cat to fill the bar up. Just move your mouse up and down it's back.

  12. I beat this, and there are 110 questions. Remember three things: Keep all seven skips, blue red blue yellow, 4 8 15 16 21 42

  13. for the horseshoe you need to click the u in what do yoU mean

  14. It may be a decent idea to use your 2nd monitor to track all the things you must memorize.

  15. For question 79 you have to click the U in" what do you mean".
    It says the answer is a horseshoe, and a U is shape like a horseshoe. 🙂

  16. Quick question: did u play the quiz in one run because u still don't have your headphones on for audio

  17. Yes you are amazing for doing the impossible quiz once more!

  18. You don't seem to realize that these multiple choice questions actually make sense, and you have to think outside of the box to figure out the answer.

  19. Do you want the answer to 79? (the horseshoe one) respond if you want.

  20. No need to click the cat, just move the mouse 😛

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