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Let’s Play The Impossible Quiz! (8)

Trask Nari
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No. Fuck you. I’m not doing this anymore. Game over, man. Game over.


  1. PopCornsalt 13 made 9 accounts and disliked this

  2. I have just managed to kill the impossible quiz today after all those days of insipid, impure, repugnant, spiteful, and above all, somber failure devoted just to reaching the Enormous 10 in one destined go, without losing any lives. TN, trust me, your life just won't be complete if this quiz is not consummated anytime sooner. You didn't start this, but you will have to finish it.

  3. @Learules123 dude what is wrong with you

  4. No…. NOO! NOO! You can't just do that! GOD DAMMIT!

  5. The Bomb Reaches 10
    WTF Said TraskNari
    What? Said Apar2004
    Bomb Reaches 06
    I Need Said TraskNari
    What You Need Said Apar2004

  6. Bomb Reaches 04
    What? Said TraskNari
    No No You Can't
    Bomb Reaches 00
    What Said TraskNari
    Uh-Oh Said Apar2004
    Bomb Explodeds Leaving The Gameover
    All easpet TraskNari Apar2004 Ecapess With Skips

  7. TraskNari Got Sad: No,No,No,You Just Can't Do That
    TraskNari Click Give Up
    Back On The Start Menu
    Trasknari:If I Want To Reach I Have To Skip Almost The Epic 10 Whole!
    (Got Angry To Popcornsalt13) POPCORN SALT 13 I KILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLYOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. 9 people And Popcornsalt13 Gets Killed,
    184 People Wanted To Play The Impossible quiz 2 But No.

  9. @SuperLetsplayfan What ISNT wrong with him?
    He had to solve 109 questions,just to lose.

  10. i think the imposible quiz 2 is easier than the imposible quiz… except the 120 question ._.

  11. So…does this mean you're not doing the sequel?

  12. Lol to win you have to save up your skips then use all of them at the end well you just have to fill up the maximum skips

  13. i love you popcorn salt 13!!!! everyone loves it when trastnari suffers for our amusement!

  14. If you ever decide to do this again (and I somehow doubt you will)…you'll be able to do it. If you HAVE TO, use a WT.

  15. @popcornsalt13 I agree with the dude below me GET THE HE'LL OUT OF TJIS COUNTRY

    just sarcastic with the move out of the country BUT RUN

  16. Giving up at that point is worse than giving up the first time you failed at the quiz.

  17. @TraskNari now play the second one then the third one and so on

  18. there is one called the impossible quiz chapter 1

  19. ohhh you're right! thanks for the information!

  20. now i have another impossible quiz to do 😀

  21. no!!!!! now trasknari is never gonna beat the impossible quiz in the beginning of 2009

  22. I just watched all 8 videos…
    My life is complete.

  23. 1. Search "The Impossible Quiz Hacked".

    2. Thank me later.

  24. You haven't lived your life. I haven't either, but I will.

  25. That was the funniest rage quit ending of a let's play I've seen in 2009 before

  26. God damnit, I know all the answers and it's STILL a pain to beat this quiz.

    Looking at you, questions #84, #102, and #106. You three are the banes of my existence.

  27. Well if you did skip any question, or didn't get either skip in question 84, this quiz really is impossible. So basically the skips are useless until the very last question

  28. When the closed caption says what the [ __ ]

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