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Let’s Play The Impossible Quiz! (1)

Trask Nari
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Why am I doing this?


  1. He has never played this. The first time I played i almost beat the damn quiz.

  2. Believe it or not, some people are REALLY smart. So some people actually can beat this game on one try. So don't assume everybody is too dumb to beat this on one try. (:

  3. You're right, my comment wasn't very well thought out. But what I meant was that you shouldn't assume that because it SEEMS too difficult to complete, that it IS too difficult to complete. I agree that the formulation of most of the questions are different and pretty much random, though. I'm just saying, maybe some people have the comprehension skills to know the correct answers and the luck to guess on the guessing questions. Some people think differently.

  4. How would you know? Are you the creator of the game?

    Also, "smart" is such a varied word with so many different meanings and uses, so I really don't think most people can be classified as "smart" in just one use of the word.

    Lastly, I like how you assume off of one YouTube comment, that I don't have the ability to complete the game. Well, you're correct, but I have gotten pretty far in one try, to level 33. That was a "smart" assumption. -___-

  5. When I saw all your comments I literally pissed my self with laughter sorry about that though

  6. Do The Impossible Quiz Book(Its The Impossible quiz three but they put book there instead)

  7. it was a bun dancing A BUN DANCE ABUNDANCE

  8. First 5 answers correct never playing that pretty good

  9. That fact that you have played the "first few levels" bit still (try to) act like you havent, makes this look very awkward

  10. Look at the annotation. He hasn't done it before.

  11. you knew the answers lyer becquse on the same page there's a link to the answers


  13. Terrible acting i think i laughed lol

  14. you just copy pewdiepie…. hammer time… and all Q you answer .

  15. +stepan Jup pewdiepie didn't make his vidio until 2013. BOOM!

  16. a-bun-dance! do u get it now? its a bun dancing! 🙂

  17. And u can hold the button it doesn't count as you are doing it it's cool

  18. It's so obvious that u r cheating or u have an IQ Of 100000000000000

  19. this cupcake one is abundance it says a bun dance if you look closely 🙂

  20. it was egg mayonaise the cardboard one was

  21. Have you played five nights at freddys yet?

  22. played blind my ass it shows @5:52 you answered a couple you skipped prior very easily

  23. lol nvm i thought u said skip on 22

  24. I like how Trask just felt the need to hover the arrow over the dog's asshole lol

  25. Damn can't believe its been 7 years since this video. Time flies

  26. Quote from annotation at the beginning: "I have, however, seen friends play the first few levels of it, so that's how I remember how to answer the first few questions."
    My reaction: So that's why I used to think you had very high chance of figuring out the right answers each time. Thanks for this important annotation!

  27. That was the very first let's play I've seen in my whole life ever

    Good old times

  28. 6:07 Abundance…a bun dance! Because that bun is dancing.

  29. Just remembered this the other day used to watch it loads back in the day haha 😂

  30. remember watching this when I was like 11. I'm 20 now.

  31. I watched this guy religiously when I was 8. I’m 15.

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