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KSIOlajidebt Plays | The Impossible Quiz (Part 3)

JJ Olatunji
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OMG :/

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  1. this is still one of the funniest things on Youtube

  2. if only he picked mary rose cause mary rose up ! sdfgkdhjs

  3. Anybody else got this on there recommended in 2021

  4. I see we are all still watching this… what a legend.

  5. Funniest trilogy of all time still in 2021

  6. It's the impossible quiz and not to be nervous talking to girls that makes the old KSI top tier 🤣

  7. 2:45🤣🤣🤣👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻this is funny I like how ksi is mad

  8. It’s been years and I still have all these answers stored in the back of my subconscious

  9. man had 2.3k live viewers back in 2012 thats crazy

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