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KSIOlajidebt Plays | The Impossible Quiz Book

JJ Olatunji
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  1. I wish the beef didn’t happen, i love you guys so much

  2. Why is the Title of chapter 1 the name of the first Bubsy game?

  3. It's correctly

    Answer itself in question

  4. Im still watching these old videos its the best

  5. Deji: it’s not I!!
    KSI: A B C D E F G !!!!!!!
    KSI: …….

  6. Everybody Has Varying Feelings Towards Tyler says:

    Explanations for questions

    1. Carefully, it’s good advice
    2. Clint Eastwood is an actor known for shooting in western
    3. “2:30” “twothirty” “tooth hurty”
    4. Female + Lemur = Femur
    5. The arrow is pointing to the east
    6. “What” is the best thing since sliced bread. Because it’s not a question, it’s a statement. As you can see by the period at the end
    7. Break it down, it’s “ill Eagle”
    8. The 7th letter of “the alphabet”. Like in the last game, it’s H. But there is none on the screen. So you click the one on your keyboard
    9. It’s a Blind Pig with no eyes. Or no “Is”
    So you take the letter I out of the words to get “Blnd Pg”

  7. 0:18 why the fuck does he have to touch the dumbbells wtf lol 😂

  8. From rapping in his room with a table beat to making a solo album with mad features.

  9. Does anybody watches this videos till this day?

  10. smh they get ill eagle but they don’t get tooth hurty

  11. Whats the best thing since sliced bread
    Deji: Cancer

    I fuckin hurt my stomach laughin😂😂😂

  12. Only if we could see them together like this, again!

  13. What time is the dentist appointment?

    Answer: 2:30

    If you don’t get it it’s like Tooth Hurty…get it Tooth Hurty 2:30??

  14. I don't wanna be this guy but,

    2020 ANYONE????????????!!!!!!!!!!?????????????

  15. This was around the time he got kicked out

  16. 8:28
    B L I N D. P I G!
    Look in this picture, pig has no eye, so the answer is Blnd pg without letter I . Because eye, and letter I, is clearly sound same.

  17. oh god this video is too funny in the start

  18. Day 6 of commenting on old KSI videos until he realizes

  19. Deji You are awesome. I am sure I saw you in Bridgwater the other day. Love your stuff bro

  20. It's kinda uncomfortable seeing jj insult deji and push him, like there isn't any need to…. its a game my guy.

  21. The reason the 4th questions answer was 2.30 is because it sounds like tooth hurty

  22. You can tell they'll become boxers in the future.

  23. ik this video is 8 years old, but tooth hurty is the reasoning behind 2.30pm for question 3

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