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KSIOlajidebt Plays The Impossible Quiz 2 (Part 3)

JJ Olatunji
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Oh man…

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  1. “Do you just see tits everywhere” famous KSI quote 🤣

  2. It’s space because space was the first word underneath the sea

  3. 0:25 I know this is 2019, but this conversation sounds like they played through the whole of the first quiz. If so, anyone got a link?

  4. Imagine what his parents are thinking when he films these

  5. 3:37 Space. Space. Not Space! Space! F**king Space! F**KING SPACE!! SPACE!! SPACE!!!

  6. the title of this video should be bullying deji for 8 minutes

  7. Q 21: It has 30 questions but that’s not the total amount of questions

  8. Everybody Has Varying Feelings Towards Tyler says:

    Explanations to questions

    1: armies (arms) where he keeps on his sleeves
    2: well without paint, there’s no green to see. And it’s a green house, not a greenhouse.
    3: earth. The other options are candy bars
    4: break it down, you get “a merry can”, which the image showed
    5: self explanatory
    6: well it meant the “sentence”, which has 8 letters
    7: didn’t mean the actual keys on screen, it’s the right key on your keyboard
    8: “the Great Wall of China” in the sentence starts 10 letters in the question
    9: self explanatory
    10: well, you actually have to pick up “a penguin” and it shows you the way
    11: self explanatory
    12: it’s the only one that’s right side up, so process of elimination
    13: it’s lederhosen because it’s in German
    14: the dots create a secret message “click the question number twice”
    15: well, the other options were religious, so dog backwards is the fairest
    16: you can see his name in the credit
    17: self explanatory
    18: spiders like flies, and men like sandwiches
    19: it says they are Fusestoppers in the instructions
    20: click his zits
    21: 30 questions in the demo, not the actual game
    22: candy floss looks like pink clouds
    23: it’s a game of tic tac toe, but you have to find an O on the screen, which is the one around the question number
    24: the answer space is under “the sea”
    OR “the sea” is “the C” like the C on your keyboard. Under that C is a space
    25: play on the word “ajar” which means an open door
    26: reference to a song
    27: you have to press 1 on your keyboard
    28: memes
    29: you can find the gem next to the flowing water, or place a bomb in place of the flowing water

  9. Huh the answer to question 21 is 30
    Why 30 in the impossible quiz one there were 110 questio-
    Oh now I get it the very first impossible quiz it's was talking about the demo for the impossible quiz one

  10. is it strange how i got a KFC ad on this vid?

    no? ok..

  11. 3:35 F**KING SPACE…..F**KING SPACE…SPACE…SPACE!!!!!! That literally kills me every time 😂




  13. 0:53
    JJ: 30, THERE WAS NOT 30 [Bleep]ING Questions
    Me: Actually, Its Impossible quiz DEMO (2004)

  14. i died laughing on this :D:D i´m german and we do piss in our gardens to water them

  15. Who’s here 2021 watching their old gaming videos?

  16. I'm guessing they haven't heard of the band A Flock Of Seagulls
    "And I ran I ran so far away"

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