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KJ Apa vs ‘The Most Impossible Riverdale Quiz’ | PopBuzz Meets

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In honour of the release of the ‘Riverdale: The Complete First Season DVD’ on August 14, we challenged ~Archiekins~ himself, KJ Apa, to the most difficult, traumatising and mind-melting ‘Riverdale’ quiz of all time😳

Think you can beat KJ’s score? Take the quiz for yourself here:

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  1. He looks like a baby in here. I actually thought that they used the baby filter on him 😂

  2. Is it bad if I was closer than KJ

  3. Fun fact: I was born in Riverdale, Georgia 🤠🤪

  4. Impossible quiz made by impossible human being. I mean they're really count every seconds. That's amazing

  5. crazy how his entire mimicking and things are different than Archie's

  6. The only Riverdale I know is the one here in Georgia

  7. Why does KJ look HOT and adorable In this at the same time

  8. I am glad that he is down to earth and not a meathead bro.

  9. Did he just woke up or he wanted to sleep????

    Doesn't matter, just let him go to bed 😂

  10. Why does he look like the character in Star Wars Jedi fallen order

  11. 1.Rebel Without a Cause

  12. Why not just make real milkshakes they aren’t that complicated to make


  14. jughead also didn’t have his hat on when he found out Archie and Ronnie snuck into his dads trailer and he went to sit in pops 🙂

  15. He looks so different I think he just woke up

  16. Is millie bobby brown asking the questions 🤨

  17. I took that quiz and got one answer right

  18. How can you not give them actual shakes? They didn't make Kyle McLaughlin slug down brown food dye water.

  19. He looks like he was dragged out of bed

  20. He looks sooo different without his dark eyebrows

  21. That dude does not look or sound like kj- maybe it's the audio and the lighting but idk

  22. lol theres actually a town in the state I live in that is called Riverdale!!

  23. there are 31 places in the us called riverdale

  24. He said 20 seconds, and I said 21 second😁

  25. 2:16 im the only one who heard GREEK YOGURT.. 😂 😂 😂 BTW im from greece.. 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂

  26. Who do you want to see take on 🔥THE MOST IMPOSSIBLE QUIZ🔥 next?! Comment below… ⬇️

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