IShowSpeed Plays The Impossible Quiz -

IShowSpeed Plays The Impossible Quiz

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  1. When he was screaming and the commercial was screaming at same time I was laughing 😭😭😂😂🤣🤣😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  2. Wait did he also think pink was just “light purple”

  3. Dude just stares at chat the whole time has no mind of his own

  4. this was probably the most aggravating thing i’ve seen in a while

  5. 5:00 k o is saying ok backwards that is why k o is the answer

  6. 24:58 the answer was h because by what is the 7th letter of the alphabet they mean what is the 7th letter of
    The word the alphabet
    T is 1 h is 2 e is 3 a is 4 L is 5 p is 6 h is 7

  7. i didn't believe people w low iq existed but this video just proved me wrong

  8. Dudes Chat is full Of 13 year olds or ppl with Down syndrome 😂😂

  9. "In reality chat I'm not dumb"
    Also him: dont know what infinity is and dont know what a torch is

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