iShowSpeed plays The Impossible Quiz Part 2.. 😂 -

iShowSpeed plays The Impossible Quiz Part 2.. 😂

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iShowSpeed plays The Impossible Quiz.. Live Speedy
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  1. The quiz is how many letters are in sentence🤦🏻

  2. The answer is eight because there are eight letters in the word sentence.

  3. I love how 666 is just like over there in the corner and doesn’t even get noticed lol 😂

  4. (6.) How many letters
    in “this sentence”?

  5. I know this one, you have to count the letters from the sentence not at least one letter the whole letter in a sentence or if you don’t get it, Then Click The Number 6!

  6. Bro tried bringing logic into the quiz

  7. Speed isnt smart enough for splapps quiz

  8. He said how many letters in the sentence he did not get it🤣☠

  9. I think why answer is 8 because count number 6 and letters and symbol question. Am i right?

  10. No no no no no no think about it this way read how many letters in the phrase "Sentence"

  11. Just count the “sentence” word or count the number answers

  12. fucking playing the poki version???? flash is better in every way.

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