Ironmouse Plays the Impossible Quiz -

Ironmouse Plays the Impossible Quiz

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  1. No one tild her that you need the skips at the end bruh

  2. I'm surprised Penistone wasn't on the impossible quiz as a town name! xD

  3. Haven't seen this since ksi played damn i feel old

  4. There is one question about Michael Jackson I don't like about this quiz, but aside from that…it's great.

  5. Oh my fucking god, YES!!!🤣🤣🤣

  6. Well it’s been 15 years. Anyone still remember?

  7. This brings back memories. Haven't thought about this game in like 15 years.

  8. 0:12 it's awesome that the first question has to do with holes👍🇬🇷❤️🇬🇷👍😂😂😂

  9. Argueably the game is even harder now than when it first came out, because a number of answers require you to have grown up in Britain in the mid 2000s and are a frequent user of Newgrounds.

  10. Is it bad that I know almost every answer in this game.

  11. Oh no…Mousey…oh no..
    that yell after getting so so far was so real

  12. Used to play this shit in like middle/high school.

  13. I knew the guy who made this… he's from Hull… he's… interesting?

  14. Splapp-me-do's The Impossible Quiz, this brings back memories. And I think I can still beat it with ease.

  15. I love question 34. That's such a Bubi thing. Specially those made of iron.

  16. The fun sections hadn't even come up yet. Like the final part where you need to have saved up all the skips…

  17. Oh man, this takes me back. And to think I still remember most answers.

  18. I have 90% of the answers to this quiz hardcoded into my brain

  19. 27:53 Mouse reacts to the wrong answer sound like she’s actually been shot.

    An oldie but a goodie, always fun to see new people try to embrace this unique form of insanity.

  20. Holy shit, The Impossible Quiz. I was in High School when I first discovered it

  21. It’s funny she keeps looking over for chat to give her the answers

  22. Wait, Ironmouse, when did you become a devil/demon of some sort?

  23. How is she guessing the answer to most questions on the first try?

  24. This isn't Ironmouse plays the Impossible Game, it's Ironmouse's chat plays the Impossible Game and Ironmouse just clicks where they tell her to click.

  25. I have not done the quiz in a LONG time, good on Mousey

  26. I remember having like 6 friends trying to Speedrun this back in 2005-2006?
    During Computer Literacy Class
    none-the-less 🤣😅

  27. The pain I had with this game is coming back to haunt me
    Truly the Dark souls of Trivia

  28. 0:35 I see where you're coming from counting the circles/holes in the term "A Polo", but I think you're overthinking that one, chief. A polo is just a kind of T-shirt, and T-Shirts generally have 4 holes – one for each arm, one for the head, and then the big one at the bottom

  29. Oh god, I remember playing this back on Newgrounds ages ago. How is this still alive? 😀

  30. This game is idiocy. It's just a bunch of stupid nonsense. I love trivia games with real answers to it. This is just a meme. It annoyed me more than it should. lol At least Mousey is adorable as always. XD

  31. Haven't seen a video on the Impossible quiz in like 5 years or something

  32. I’m kinda sad that it’s not really Ironmouse playing the impossible quiz. It’s chat spamming the answers and then she’ll look at chat and then answer correctly. Idk I just wanted to see her actually play it instead of chat giving her answers, but it is what it is I guess.

  33. This was a very very British 2000s quiz.

  34. 1:20 "put mouse on here" and the arrow points to Mouse is so funny coincidence.

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