Ironmouse Plays the Impossible Quiz -

Ironmouse Plays the Impossible Quiz

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  1. She ain’t even playing. She waits for shat to tell her what to click. Lol

  2. Ah yes, the game that made me throw my keyboard for the first time ever.

  3. It's for the best that she stops at that point. If I remember correctly in tamago's video, since she's playing on a browser, she'll get blocked by that one question near the end.

  4. 0:56 LOL i said it the exact same time as her when i was trying to read it

  5. The good ol' impossible quiz. Glad to see it's still around.

  6. Man, I played this in middle school library. I remember the sheer rage of the last question after the annoying post 100 questions. Knowing that you need every skip after finally almost beating it is soul crushing.

  7. Ironmouse sounds like Sticks form sonic wtf.

  8. Whats the point of a funny quiz if thousands of people give you the answers?

  9. To anyone even remotely interested talc means talcum powder and babycham is a very dated alcoholic drink famous in the 80s

  10. I love this game but it sucks for streamers. Mouse does nothing but cheat non stop and chat enables her. Its supposed to be a mind breaking rage game but this is basically watching someone do it with a walkthrough.

  11. My name is Jason and I jumped a little when she started saying Jason.

  12. Wow….I haven't seen this since like 2006

  13. streamer gets fed answers by chat and still loses

  14. I just watched an hour long playthrough, documentary of this game and now this.
    YouTube seems to like recommending the impossible quiz…

  15. This brings back painful memories of how I beat the first and second impossible quiz.😖

  16. Wow I never realized how much Twitch chat took all the fun out the game till now huh

  17. This might as well have been "twitch plays the impossible quiz"

  18. 23:40 just brought back some legit vietnam flashbacks to my Newgrounds days.
    For anyone wondering, It's an old animation called Sonic Breaks his Neck.

  19. She played before already? She is doing amazingly well for her first try.

  20. It's kinda sad that as soon as she gets to a question the chat just spams the answer immediately

  21. That is the most retarded quiz I have ever seen. The creator needs to apologize for making the world dumber.

  22. 23:25 In case anyone is wondering it says "Potatoes fly" and the response she chose was WRONG with the other options being "Indeed" (Top left) Why not? (Bottom left) and ROFL (Bottom right)

  23. Only a kid can answer this and a native English speaker

  24. "is that a skip"

    Also perhaps the game's cruelest trick, because you need to use all skips for the final question, and you can actually miss getting some of them.

  25. noooooo i'm so bummed i missed this live XD i had a weird obsession with this game as a kid

  26. Mouse's singular brain cell firing drives me up the wall sometimes

  27. 21:17 wow, remember when Guilty Gear was knows as the Bridget game and not as the Jack-O pose game?

  28. Ayo all my fellow members of the “playing this game in computer class because you were bored” gang where you at?

  29. "Put mouse on here"
    Mousey was already there tho?

  30. She used chat for help wanted to watch this but i hate that she had help with alot of this

  31. Alternative title old online game bully's famous vtuber

  32. It’s a shame that it’s more difficult to find a working version of the original with all the music and everything.

    It’s just not the same without Gonna Fly Now and Flaming Lips.

  33. Lol ironmouse I know what u thought it said because so did I 🤣😂

  34. I would have loved to see her get to the Laser one.

    Has Connor done this one? I assume he played it in school and probably remembers most of it, which would make the ones he forgot even funnier.

  35. Leave it to twitch chat to try and spam the answer constantly and ruin the whole point of the game.

  36. My sister and I played this game all the time at our dads office while he worked

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