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iPod Touch Impossible Quiz Answers

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Impossible Quiz Answers from iPod Touch. Really Great App to get also. Want free stuff click this link


  1. Ugh the only reason I watched this video was to see the answer to the horseshoe one. This was dumb. -:c

  2. what the hell!
    how did u do question 40!!!!

  3. you are fucking pathetick
    you cant even get to the final 10 questions

  4. too slow, im a girl and i can do better than you at this. ;D
    sorry 😛

  5. Dude u ended on the question I needed on the touch evil

  6. On the last one, you click on the "U" in "What do YOU mean?".

  7. Wtf was that?what about the rest moron idiot!

  8. On question 110 you have to use all seven skips. If you used any skips previously, you can't finish the game.

  9. thanks i needde to find out the answeres to 75 76 and 77

  10. @Starzooka you put your left finger on the left button and hold it there, then you can touch the right one with your right finger.

  11. I was stuck on question 80 and he failed on question 79

  12. Megadjcookie111. So was I. He should of practiced

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