Impossible YouTube Quiz! -

Impossible YouTube Quiz!

Jesser Reacts
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This is the impossible YouTube quiz! Can I answer all the questions correctly?

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  1. Jsr is my favorite YouTuber he makes the BEST content every day

  2. Jesser can you react to the indonesian basketball world cup

  3. "Despacito with 15m likes"
    Gangam style with 25m likes

  4. "Whosth The Mosth Subscribth Youtuber Named Jesthe?"

  5. No it’s baby shark with 10billon your welcome

  6. Bruh the Barbie song video has more likes

  7. Hi jesser hope to meet u one day keep up the good work

  8. Let’s get Jesse to become the most subbed Jesse

  9. He said answer not get it correct and bro didn’t say that

  10. That is the punch bruh man probably got them wrong on purpose

  11. Nobody’s gonna talk about how weak that punch was?!

  12. so embarrising that jesse said other jesse is more lol

  13. And thats why Leon Edwards has the most aesthetic physique

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