Impossible quiz walkthrough The Epic 10 -

Impossible quiz walkthrough The Epic 10

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here it is! the walkthrough for the epic 10!!!


  1. The Last Question Was Evil As If You Use Any Skips You'll Die

  2. They should make a part where your cursor has to run from monsters (similar to level !)

  3. Um how does he not need to be on the road?

  4. i heard that if you hold your left mouse button down on question 106, you'll be invincible.

  5. How did you manage to get off the road without losing on 106?

  6. I can never get past the one where you have to touch the red dots and it's so frustrating

  7. +lexis tibb I know it's so fist trait in sometimes because your mouse doesn't work

  8. 101: Chihuahua 102: touch the dots dont touch squares 103: find something 104: red sad sun 105: click letters and word banana! 106: keep on the road cheat: hold left mouse 107: click the answer second: click thing 108: 4 8 15 16 23 42 109: click fast has you can 110: use your skips

  9. I did 106 the proper way and failed heaps of times when I could've just skipped it pretty much.

  10. if you press Begin you can`t get out of this quiz

  11. The Epic 10
    101. Type "chihuahua" (the mexican hat is a hint since chihuahua are native to mexico)

    102. This is the hardest question in the game. Touch the dots before they faint and avoid the squares.

    103. Click Dennis (the square tomato) located at the "C" in "Search!" (If you click Dennis twice, you will skip 104, moving on to 105.

    104. Large yellow sad moon (yellow doesn't have an opposite, notice its complementary color, purple, mix together, they turn gray.)

    105. Click the B in Gooseberry, A in Apple, 2nd N in Nectarine. (repeat A in Apple and 2nd N in Nectarine twice.)

    106. Only touch the road, right click cheat doesn't work, hold left click only works. (only worry how fast it goes.)

    107. Click any of the answers and you get a fake Game Over. (if you click "try again?" the fake game over disappears and a message says "Oh, you idiot!" before getting a real Game Over.)

    108. Type 4 8 15 16 23 42 then click "Execute" in under 11 seconds. (the bomb is unusual, and if you didn't catch in time, the computer will spam "SYSTEMFAILURE" all over the screen. here are things that fly before you get a game over: spoon,tin can,skips,meteor from question 66,Chris in question 68 along with his chair,regular bomb from the other questions of this quiz and the unusual bomb from this question.)

    109. Click Spidermonkey 45 times to make him poop the arrow. If you didn't catch in time, you'll get a game over.

    110. Use all of your 7 skips. If you don't have all 7 of them when getting here, it's game over.

  12. They're gonna be devastated if they don't have a complete set of skips 🤣🤣

  13. actually its the epic 9 because level 100 is not in the epic 10

  14. McQueen:what should I do when It not on the road anymore?
    Mater: What o you mean not on the road?
    Level 106: hold down left mouse

  15. For people who dont get 108:you have to remember the number code in level 50

  16. 107 scared the heck outta me when i saw this.
    you dont wanna know what happened when i clicked try again.
    (now that i actually think about it, the text is stationary when you click a wrong answer, but only moves when the timer runs out, so i think i fell for when the text MOVED, even though I HADE UNLIMITED TIME.)
    (also this man had all of his lives, so this MUST be a troll.)

  17. imagine being on 109 then accidentaly pressing skip

  18. The absence of not being able to use your skips until the last question makes the first quiz the hardest.

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