Impossible quiz theme song ( we are gonna fly now by Bill conti ) -

Impossible quiz theme song ( we are gonna fly now by Bill conti )

Omar A.
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Can a match box?.


  1. Can we make [ ArseFacey ] a real place?

  2. this pitched up version is forever implanted in my memory because i heard this one first. wonder if the guy did it to try to get around copyright or just got a recording off of something with PAL speedup. gotta admit, it does sound a bit more intense than the original. quite many songs i've heard with the pitch off, usually it just makes them sound weird.

  3. The song is actually called "gonna fly now" not "we are gonna fly now".

  4. my hair is standing up and i have bumps on my skin

    am i okay

  5. I’m getting tired of pressing play again

  6. F*** it, this is the new national anthem of my country.

  7. I really wish arsefacey was a real place. It sounds like a great tourist destination.

  8. The main reason how i found gonna fly now

  9. Girl 1:what do you think his listening to?
    Girl 2:Probably heavy metal or hard rock

  10. sdrawkcab tub olop a ni seloh ynam woh daer tsuj uoy

  11. This game is so fun that I tried speed running it

  12. ah yes nostalgia
    i remember playing the impossible quiz alot
    the music was catchy

  13. 10. Choose food.
    A. 🤚
    B. 🦷🦷🦷🦷🦷
    C. 👁
    D. 🪑
    E. 🖊

  14. The only quiz I would intentionally take…

  15. Oh the memories. I remember playing this on new grounds when it just came out. I would play it for hours.

  16. My parents explaining how they got to school:

  17. What follows December 2nd?
    A. December 3rd
    B. n
    C. A question mark
    D. 142 dwarves

  18. when the music is copyrighted but you want to play it on other platforms: big sad

  19. *record scratch*
    How many holes in a polo?

  20. 1. 4
    2. No but a tin can
    3: K.O
    5: Don’t touch blue..
    6: Shallots
    7: An Elephant
    8: Search For Yes! 😉
    9: 👉🏼 THAT ONE
    10: Teeth “Choose” Food
    11: n
    12: Dot on the I
    13: F’TAANG
    14: Torch
    15: H O R S E
    16: H
    17: Click 17 on the circle! 😉
    19: Blue Orange Green Green Yellow!
    20: SEAL!
    21: Watch Carefully and when the first answer turns green, you got it, or just do the first one to be faster..
    22: +1 SKIP! 😎
    23: Bran
    24: Click The V In Lives!
    25: SHOE POlISH
    26: Arsefacey
    27: Go to 28
    28: Abundance
    29: Egg Mayonnaise
    30: Be Careful and try not to hit green..
    32: Babycham and Human Faces
    33: 7
    34: Put your mouse away so the elephants can go! Or just right click, whatever’s easy..
    35: Wait for the button to turn green!
    36: A Walk
    37: Choose whatever! It is a choice! 😎
    38: Mary Rose
    39: Cylindrical Adventures
    40: Right Click to Get to Pink! 😎
    41: Afro
    42: Second of Last row!
    43: Tom Cruise
    44: Pull out 44 and hit the hole!
    45: Second
    46: You Killed Sonic!
    47: Place your mouse where the click symbol is on the bottle.
    48: SNAAAAAKE!!
    49: Splapp Me Do! 😂
    50: OK! Pay attention to beat the game though..
    51: Just fight..
    52: The Third Plant
    53: But Pa May Not?
    54: No About 20m in the Ground
    55: Gaming Consele For WholeMade Biscuits
    56: Blue Red Blue Yellow
    57: Erm.. One
    58: Sheperds Pie
    59: SpamClick on the guys mouth before the bomb fires!
    60: Be honest if you got that in your very first try!
    61: Hand
    62: Click The Moth
    63: Tasteless White Filth (I disagree)
    64: EGG<28
    65: Click Any Letter!
    66: !
    67: First one..
    68: Pet Chris till thing goes green!
    69: Lol 69 😂
    71: Just get it when it turns green..
    72: Click everywhere until you find the cute little animal. 🦒
    73: Second One..
    74: No One Knows That
    75: Spam click at the top when you get escape button!
    77: Question 77
    78: Four
    79: Press u in You!
    80: Filthy Romanians
    81: Rub the pole!
    82: Clip some gross toe nails.. 🥴
    83: Natural Dyslexic Association
    84: Collect skips when not touching ☄️ (don’t touch the shooting star)
    85: I LOVED IT!
    86: The Prince
    87: Find the dot!
    88: Break Sonics Leg! This one is very disturbing btw..
    89: Blindness
    90: Twice
    91: Tear paper:
    92: Collect guys in a descending order. 197, 27, 26, 14, 3, 2.5, 1. Wait for the bomb or else it goes off when mars sings..
    93: Take away bomb and get skip!
    94: Just Wait..
    95: Wait until cat catches fly and get the dot.
    96: A RIGHT MESS
    97: 10+ TIMES
    98: Blue Red Blue Yellow but say it with different colors.
    99: Wait for light to turn green and go!
    100: 2
    101: Chihuahua
    102: Touch the dots before they disappear
    103: Go to letter c and find a square looking guy
    104: The sad sun
    105: Press the letters on curtain answers for Banana
    106: Stay on the road! You don’t have to, just left click and you can be free!
    107: There is no answer, just wait, it gives you a fake game over, but wait and you get back.
    108: 4 8 15 16 23 42
    109: Click a lot
    110: USE YOUR SKIPS! ‼️

  21. Yes, a tin can, but a rock can box as well…

  22. Oh you’re a fan of the impossible quiz? Name every question and it’s answer
    1. How many holes in a polo?/ Four
    2. Can a match box?/ No but a tin can
    3. sdrawkcab noitseuq siht rewsna/ K.O
    4. click the answer / click the answer
    5. Don’t touch blue/ right click and click the button
    6. square root of onion/ shallots
    7. the answer is really big/ an elephant
    8. search/ find the green tick
    9. what was the answer to question 2?/ the top right
    10. choose food/ click the teeth
    11. what comes after decenber 2nd?/ n
    12. click the smallest/ click the dot on the i
    13.what sound does a bell make?/ ftaang
    14.what do you put in a bucket to make it lighter?/ a torch
    15. Neigh whinny/ spell horse on the keyboard
    16. whats the 7th letter of the alphabet?/ h
    17. 21-4? /click the question number
    18. stop /click the hammer
    19.Boggy/ paint in the order Blue Orange Green Green Yellow
    20. deal or no deal?/ seal
    21. watch carefully /the top left box
    22.what do you want?/ +1 skip
    23. save changes?/ bran
    24. click the v in lives/ do as it says
    25.what can kill a werewolf?/ shoe polish
    26.which of these places does not exist?/ arsefacey
    ?. i hope youve been paying attention/ go to 28
    28. what is this?/ abundance
    29. what flavor is cardboard?/ egg mayonnaise
    30.dont touch green/ go through the tunnel
    31. woof woof woof / woof woof woof
    32. what are the ingredients of shampoo?/ babycham and human feces
    33. how many letters in his hand?/ 7
    34. elephants dont like mice/ take your mouse off the screen
    35. if you click this button then its game over wait until it says otherwise click this button to continue and click the button
    36. what do you call a wingless fly?/ a walk
    37. can you get this question wrong?/ nope, no you literally can't, they all work
    38. mary rose sat on a pin/ mary rose
    39. that thing… /cylindrical adventures
    40. dont touch pink /right click and press the button
    41. the duck/ afro
    42. the meaning of life the universe and everything /the 42nd 42
    43. bridget makes everyone…/ tom cruise
    44. put the puzzle together and do as it says
    45. potatoes fly/ WRONG (top right) my computer didnt like wingdings =(
    46. sonic picture/ OMFG YOU KILLS SONIKKU U BASTUD
    47. invisible cursor #1/ click the red button with an invisible cursor
    49. which one is correct?/ splapp-me-do (i thought it was slap at first, and apparently alot of people who messaged him liking his work thought it was too, sorry splapp)
    50. remember/ O.K
    51. fight!/ spam click
    52. carrot!/ click the third stem
    53. marmite/ but pa might not
    54.shanghai?/ no about 20 cm off the ground
    55. what is the digestive system?/ a games console for wholemeal biscuits (for the longest time i thought it said wholesome, just me? ok)
    56. invisible cursor#2/ with an invsible cursor, click in the order blue red blue yellow
    57. count dracula/ erm.. one?
    58. speaking of count dracula, whats his favorite food?/ shepherds pie
    59. shoop da woop/ spam click until it does the funny meme
    60.answer honestly did you get the last question on your first go?/ answer honestly
    61.(Y)/ thumbs up
    62. it'h thimple click the moth/ click the moss
    63. what are chicken mcnuggets made of?/ tasteless white filth
    64. which one is better?/ egg>28
    65. click the largest/ click the word largest
    66. hurry up its the end of the world!/ click the exclemation mark at the end of world
    67. what is this?/ big hairy arsonist
    68. the cat/ pet the cat
    69. are you enjoying the quiz?/ LOL 69
    70. how does a dog without a nose smell?/ using its anus
    71.carefully…/ click the box while its green
    72. black screen/ click the lightswitch on the lefthand side of the screen
    73. ?/ the top right ?
    74. how many questions does this quiz have?/ nobody knows that
    75. get ready/ click the ESCAPE arrow beneath the question number
    76. you're my/ click sugar honey honey
    77. what is this?/ question 77
    78. deja vu?/ four
    79. the answer is a horseshoe/ click the u in what do you mean?
    80. sell your liver to/ filthy romanians
    81. let lightining strike the pole by rubbing it with your cursor
    82. cut the toenails
    83. DNA stands for/ National Dyslexic Association
    84. do as it says
    85. what did you think of that last question?/ i loved it!
    86. what is green with sticky balls?/ the prince
    87 whats missing from this question?/ the dot after the number 87
    88. sonic picture #2 spam click
    89. what do dog eggs cause?/ blindness
    90. how many times has micheal jackson had a nose job?/ nonce
    91. tear the paper
    92. click the heads in decending order
    93. move the bomb and press go
    94. wait for the bomb to "go off" and then click continue
    95. move your cursor off the screen
    96. what happens when you put number one and number 2 on a calculator?/ a right mess
    97. how many times have you restarted this quiz? / 10+ times
    98. can you still remember?/ the words blue red blue yellow, not the color
    99. wait for the traffic light to turn green
    100. how many holes in two polos?/ two
    101. type chihuahua
    102. do as it says, touch all the dots
    103. invisible cursor #3/ find the square tomato
    104. what is the oppisite of this? / large yellow sad moon
    105. spell banana
    106. follow the road
    107. put your mouse over an answer, and then wait out the fake game over screen
    108. 4 8 15 16 23 42
    109. spam click
    110. use all of your skips

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