Impossible Quiz Completed!! ( WALKTHROUGH ) -

Impossible Quiz Completed!! ( WALKTHROUGH )

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Impossible quiz fully completed (including the Epic 10)

Sorry about the sound, my computer speakers are fucked and for some weird reason the hypercam records the background sounds..So you can hear the commentators in the background ( my brother was playing NBA 2K9 on PS3 lol)

If this vid is too fast, or loads to slow the answers are done the bottom.. =]

This took fucking ages to complete and get on vid, but once i had all the answers memorized (lol) it was quite easy.

106 was the hardest for me, got up to it and died 7 times while recording before i got this O.o

This is the second time i have completed this, might go and try pass the 2nd impossible quiz later.. =]




Do NOT use any skips through the game until level 110!!

1. Four
2. No, but a tin can
3. K.O
4. Click on “the answer” ( in the question )
5. Dont touch the blue, go around the window
6. Shallots
7. An Elephant
8. Just a bit under the S and E of SEARCH
9. That one (top right)
10. The teeth
11. n
12. The dot on the I in “click”
13. F’taang
14. Torch
15. H O R S E
16. H
17. The question number ( 17 )
18. The hammer
19. Blue, Orange, Green, Green, Yellow ( BOGGY )
20. Seal!
21. Top Left
22. +1 Skip
23. Bran
24. The V in Lives
25. Shoe Polish
26. Arsefacey
27. Go to 28
28. Abundance
29. Egg Mayonnaise
30. Dont touch the green
31. woof. woof. woof.
32. Baby cham and human faces
33. 7
34. Take your cursor off the window
35. Wait until the the good button flips over
36. A walk
37. Of course not
38. Mary Rose
39. Cylindrical adventures
40. Right click to make a bridge
41. Afro
42. The 42nd 42 ( The second 42 of the last row )
43. Tom Cruise
44. Move the piece with 44 on it then click in the circle on the piece under it
45. Top right box
46. Omfg u kills sonikku u bastud
47. Search! ( leave your cursor at the tip of the arrow, it should already be on it )
48. Snaaaake!
49. Splapp-me-do
50. O.K. – Take note of the colours and numbers, they will come in later in the quiz (56, 97 and 108)
51. Repeatedly click on the alien on the right
52. Click on the 3rd plant
53. …but pa might not
54. No, about 20cm off the ground
55. A games console for wholemeal biscuits
56. Blue, Red, Blue, Yellow
57. Erm… one?
58. Shepherd’s Pie
59. Click on the face over and over as fast as you can!
60. If you passed 59 on your first go, than YES, if not than NO
61. The thumbs up
62. Click on the moss ( Its simple, click the moss ) XD
63. Tasteless Whit Filth
64. Egg 28
65. Click the word “LARGEST”
66. Click the exclamation mark ( ! ) after “world”
67. A big hairy arsonist
68. Move your cursor back and forward on the cats back until the bar is full
69. Lol, 69
70. Using its anus
71. Click on a box while its green
72. Click on the light switch, its a bit under the number 71.
73. Top right question mark
74. No one knows that
75. Click the ESCAPE button, it will show up directly below the number 75.
76. Sugar, Honey, Honey
77. Question 77
78. Four
79. The letter U in what do you mean, bottom right box
80. Filthy Romanians
81. Move your cursor up and down over the lever than click the green arrow on the TV
82. Click all the toe nails as fast as you can!
83. National Dyslexic Association
84. Get the two Skips and the Shooting star
85. I loved it!
86. The prince
87. The full stop / Dot after the number 87 ( Question number )
88. Click the leg over and over as fast as you can!
89. Blindness
90. Nonce
91. Tear the note in half starting from just under the third circle
92. Click the heads in order from the highest number to the lowest ( 194, 27, 26, 14, 9, 3, 2.5, 1, 0.4 )
93. Move the Bomb, the GO arrow will be under
94. Wait for the bomb to countdown, it is a DUD
95. Take your cursor off the window, the cat will move, than click the red button
96. A right mess
97. 10+ times!
98. Blue, Red, Blue, Yellow
99. Click the sign after the light turns GREEN
100. Two

~~Epic 10~~

101. C H I H U A H U A
102. Touch all the dots before they disappear, don’t touch the squares
103. SEARCH – Leave your cursor just above the C, it should be already on / near it
104. Big Sad Moon ( Far Right )
105. Spell BANANA – B is in Gooseberry, A is in Apple and N is in Nectarine
106. Follow the road, don’t go off the road! ( HARDEST LEVEL FOR ME )
107. Wait for it to say GAME OVER, do NOT click try again, just wait..
108. 4 8 15 16 23 42 – EXECUTE
109. Click on the Monkey over and over as fast as you can until it poos, click the arrow



  1. I know most answers but I wanted to see the end 😂

  2. I know most answers but I wanted to see the end 😂


  4. easy i completed all mom watches me and i finished it mom is proud of me

  5. Quiz 5 Tip: you can right click then click the next quiz

  6. my friend told me about that last question thats how he failed

  7. Anyone else here from greekgodx?? Just me ok

  8. u n r e g i s t e r e d h y p e r c a m 2

  9. Gladys Del Transito Calquin Gutierrez AUTTP says:

    Why Q94 has a dud bomb

  10. oh, so that’s what it looks like to get past #30?

  11. I am SO hoping you got a huge reward, because THIS IS CRAZY.

  12. Imagine if u pro at this game just like this at questions next to the end of the game and then u accidently press the wrong answers then go back to number 1.🙂

  13. anyone here the football audio in the back I think?

  14. i got to the last question but i failed didnt have enough skips nice

  15. This guy is dream but playing another game

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