Impossible Quiz Book - Chapter 3 Walkthrough : Answers and Explanations -

Impossible Quiz Book – Chapter 3 Walkthrough : Answers and Explanations

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The final chapter in the final Impossible Quiz! Hope you guys enjoy!

This chapter doesn’t really have any logic behind the questions since messing with time is dangerous… 😛
Q101. Before Christ
Q102. Zigzag (hieroglyphics say “water”)
Q103. Dinosaur in a top hat!
Q104. 2002 (when the movie was made)
Q105. Four (four holes in the word “TROLOLOL”)
Q106. Kick it up the **** (dino soar)
Q107. 2004 (when the demo was released)
Q108. Type “Bang” (big bang)
Q110. Click the bomb (hieroglyphics say bomb).
Q111. G
Q112. Click the x (x marks the spot)
Q113. Herr Schnipp (hair snip)
Q114. Break the platform.
Q115. Pleistocene
Q116. The quiz’s budget ran out!
Q118. It blows your hand off.
Q119. He doesn’t have one.
Q120. Continuously click the nyan cat.
Q121. Click the blue time hole.
Q122. Don’t do anything.
Q123. Click the “C” in “Click”.
Q124. Move the mouse off the screen.
Q125. Click all the eyes.
Q126. Top left (it says snow, hieroglyphics say WTF)
Q127. Triassic Garden (pre-Jurassic = triassic, pre-Park = garden)
Q128. DX (510 in roman numerals)
Q129. 4th one.
Q130. Click the question number.
Q131. Move your mouse on the dogs and they will disappear.
Q132. Australia.
Q133. Press “W” (double ewe)
Q134. Gondwanaland
Q135. Barbarism (barbers cut hair)
Q136. Click the arrow after dragging away the vines.
Q137. A piano stuck up a tree.
Q138. Continuously rub on the laser.
Q139. Bond (bondage)
Q140. Edam (wait until it shows up)
Q141. Bottom row, 2nd from right (you can also type “CAST”)
Q142. Click the 42nd 42 (the empty spaces and the 42 in the hint count)
Q143. Gabe Newell
Q144. Press “Y” (why)
Q145. Rot! (red)
Q146. Mash ! key.
Q147. The Battle of Hastings?
Q148. Blue, Red, Blue, Yellow
Q149. 410 (30 in the demo, 110 in the first one, 120 in the second one, 150 in the book)
Q150. Wipe the Impossible Quiz from history.


  1. at the end,can you choose to sacrifice your lives?

  2. Why did you destroy the quiz?!:( i playd it only 1 time

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