Impossible Quiz Book - Chapter 2 Walkthrough : Answers and Explanations -

Impossible Quiz Book – Chapter 2 Walkthrough : Answers and Explanations

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This is by far the hardest chapter in the entire game… the boss questions (especially Questions 70 and 80) are pretty much just luck.

So yeah, an A is pretty much impossible. I mean, it is the Impossible Quiz right?

Question Explanations:
Q51. Depends on the size of your mouth (how many bits in a bite)
Q52. Hello Score (hi score)
Q53. Load “”
Q54. Click all the dots, including the one next to the Question #.
Q55. Mostly harmless (from the hitchhiker’s guide to the universe)
Q56. All of the Above (old games)
Q57. Crab Meat (from Sonic the hedgehog)
Q58. Press 1 then press Up.
Q59. Click the 59th square.
Q60. Play the game and win! (once you find your position, don’t move)
Q61. 15
Q62. Left and right keys
Q63. Hold down the Up key
Q64. The Mega Drive
Q65. Metal Gear Flaccid
Q66. Neptune (baby blue)
Q67. Residential (Commercial + Industrial = Residential, from SimCity)
Q68. Don’t do anything
Q69. Press “69” 69 times.
Q70. Good luck on this one. My best tip is to use the lifebuoy.
Q71. Italy (Mario)
Q72. Click all the phlovomite birds.
Q73. Spatula Future
Q74. One (it’s an anagram)
Q75. Solve in binary. It’s different every time.
Q76. Press “U” on your keyboard (ewe)
Q77. Click the word “Lives” (anagram of Evil)
Q78. Save the Earth (stay on the bottom)
Q79. Any of them work.
Q79 ERROR: Press the little m in 532m0000.
Q80. Good luck on this one as well, it’s mostly luck (same with Q70).
Q81. What a long strange trip its been…
Q82. Pull down the zipper.
Q83. Yoctosecond
Q84. Africa (a free car)
Q85. Lyre bird (mash the broken answer choice)
Q86. Spin around the spike thing… you might need a fusestopper for this one.
Q87. 42 (answer to life and everything)
Q88. Click the right armpit for massive damage.
Q89. Say Gah! (sega)
Q90. If it’s bacon use bite, if it’s eye on legs use scratch.
Q91. Pull the question over.
Q92. Click the Barrel Roll.
Q93. She is your bionic arm!
Q94. Wait until you get a “Click Here!”
Q95. I was saving it for Question 95.
Q96. Continuously press “X” on your keyboard.
Q97. Floater.
Q98. Amber Lamps (bottom left)
Q99. Yellow, Yellow, Red, Yellow, Blue, Pink (the notes/tune of Happy Birthday). Yellow represents the note G, Red is A, Pink is B, Blue is C… you would get it if you play an instrument. 😛 Also it’s a Portal reference.
Q100. 5719 (from the loading screens)


  1. thank you so much for downloading this video.At first I thought the who created the impossible quizzes are luntanics

  2. You Beat That Quiz, And Give You An F. You Like "Hell Yeaa" But No. But We Did It (Its Pewds Message :/ )

  3. What I like most about this video are the detailed explanations!

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