impossible quiz all answers!!! -

impossible quiz all answers!!!

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all of the answers to the impossible quiz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. you just got to remember what the colors are when it says Remember this and the answer is o.k.

    just press Blue, Red, Blue, Yellow

  2. on number 40 it also works just to click the first spot, hold down the mouse button and drag over the pink part

  3. 75- wait about a mouse length from the circle and click fast!

  4. i can finish with cheat.
    click "ctrl" + "right arrow"

  5. i couldn't get passed 56 and now i'm stuck on 59. help! how does it work and when are you supposed to click and when are you supposed to hold in the mouse?

  6. I started to use this then i realised that u werr goin at like 5 million miles per hour tryin to be cool so stopped and now, a day later, i've completed it no thanks to u.

  7. omg idk how any1 can actually memorize all that! I got to like 30 somethin and failed

  8. how do you do 71? it was hard to understand

  9. Boogy

  10. how do you do number 56 is very confusing

  11. omg it does work? ok ill try it then….. NOT STFU AND GTFO YOU CHAINNMAIL HACK!

  12. yea i got through that yesterday but the other problem is with the meteors its hard for me!

  13. you click the bottom left corner when the green is there.

  14. i cant do question 56 its so hard. i do exactly what he does but it doesn't work.

    Please i need help.

  15. For the "You are my candy girl.." you press these:

    Sugar, honey, honey.

  16. ok do SUGAR then HONEY and then the bee i hope this helpes 😀 im stuck on 88 poor sonic…

  17. this game is the most fricken game in the world

  18. wow took him 6 min. 1/2 to finish the whole thing! would take me like 10 min.

  19. i get stuck at like 95 where you gotta count down the numbers

  20. in my case i get stuck at 76 when you are supposed to click on ''honey'' but i do click on it and miss a life…. i tried to click in everything else but it keeps taking my lives :S i dont really get it…

  21. u mean 92 the stage one?
    194 27 26 14 9 3 2.5 1 0.4 lol

  22. OH YA lol can anyone beat like 106? idk the one with the road and you can't hit anything just gotta stay on the road? i skipped it only to get to 110 to find out that i need all my skips to beat that question lol a cheat would be fine too =P

  23. I Know The Answer To 56 But Whenever I Try To Do It, It Doesn't Work. I Don't Get It

  24. loser
    you spent your time playing the impossible quiz

  25. Why is there so many videos on YT that are this fast? No one can tell WTF ur doing….SLOW IT DOWN DA

  26. @Clubpenguin622 just because you don't have someone to love doesn't mean it sucks, you suck instead for playing club penguin

  27. question nr. 92 …."94,27,26,14,9,3,2.5,1,04"

  28. I cant believe I spend my whole doing this quiz and at the end they ask u for the skips wich i used at the very beggining when i got them!!!!!

  29. grrr… no matter how many times i try, i cant get thru 56 🙁

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