Impossible Quiz 2 Tutorial Part 1 (Q1-81) -

Impossible Quiz 2 Tutorial Part 1 (Q1-81)

Josh Dluehosh
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This is part 1 of a video I made where I went through the quiz more slowly and narrated each question so you guys would know how to beat it…ummm yeah that’s pretty much it. ENJOY! If you still need help or have questions feel free to leave a comment. Thx

Oh and here’s a link to the video of me beating it:

And here’s a link to the actual quiz:


  1. 72 is a picture of Violence the Strawberry, not Violence divided by Strawberry. That line is a blank space, not a fraction. 

  2. Uvuvwevwevwe Onyetenyevwe Ugwemubwem Ossas says:

    rly helpful! 5 stars

  3. 2:04 one of the answers should be spongebob

  4. @3yingyang That's not a cheat. It's how you do it. If you actually take the time to drag all the things into the right positions that is what it says to do lol

  5. On number 57, the answer is "Four" because "Four" is the only answer with four letters. One has three letters, Three has five letters, six has three letters. Four has four letters. That's why. I feel awesome for figuring that out XD

  6. Thanks so much I have been looking for a fair speed walkthrough were someone talks for this for ages. Best one ever. Thankd again really helpful

  7. I know 57. There are 4 letters in four
    there are 3 letters in one
    3 letters in six
    and five letters in three
    So there are four letters in the answer 4

  8. @jadabelle100 press the 'right' key…so u press the key with direction to the right on the key board

  9. 57: The answer is four, and the word four has 4 letters

  10. @sk8ter309d

    Yeah, it's always a random question from the first quiz, so it changes.

  11. It would be so troll if that question happened to be "Use all seven skips" XD
    Then again they probably wouldn't be THAT arsey..

  12. on 75 i clicked 13 and it was wrong

  13. on number 7 you press the right key on your keyboard.

  14. dude wtf great it helped me alot going so SLOWWW?
    you went to fast

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