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I’M GOING INSANE – The Impossible Quiz

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Oh gosh guys, this quiz is so hard! In this video I play the classic game The Impossible Quiz!

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  1. Look on number 2 it was that answer but on the other one it had arrows

  2. quiz.60 i clicked no. and i died NOW I NEED TO DO AGAIN UGH!

  3. You need to pay attention to the arrows in question 9

  4. Answer this question backwards.
    .sdrawkcab noitseuq siht rewsnA

  5. The backwards one said backwards this question answer

  6. Alex-gdnhsnajhwmjsmabgsnjs


    no ifence Alex ur the best

  7. i love how he was about to read gay but then he realised
    O H N O I T S N O T F A M I L Y F R I E N D L Y : O

  8. friend: What's the wifi password?
    me: It's on the back of the router
    the back of the router: 0:06

  9. Hey Alex I just noticed I have the same shirt as you in roblox 🙂

  10. The intro made me laugh like crazy!

    Lol 😂😂😂😂

  11. 4:224:33 was the best part of the video by a long shot.

  12. I like Alex that I sometimes draw him and the pals with the pals pets and other youtubers I like =3 but the most youtuber I like is drum roll pls drum roll it's the pals =3

  13. if you look at your stage on 42 that was to answer

  14. Alex: they lye
    Me: the one before points to the answer

  15. 99999999hhhhhhh ß9 697 d8d 85 now uncode that and you'll end up with oooooooohhhhhhhh so you did it get it?

  16. the digestive system is a series of organs, your like 20 i dont know how you got that wrong

  17. No one has commented in 2021 so here I am

  18. Blip blop bloop banga O manga woof nubby frph

  19. 3:43 if you use even one skip, you can't complete question 110

  20. 4:00 but in the question that asks you what the answer to question 2 was, the top-right option box says "that one" while poiting to the bottom-left option box

  21. ♋️ this is Cancer not Pisces ♓️. ♏️this is Scorpio. ♐️this is Sagittarius.

  22. 0:6 I understand the title of this video, Alex.

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