I'M DEAD ON THE INSIDE | The Impossible Quiz Book: Chapter 1 #2 - santawintergames.com

I’M DEAD ON THE INSIDE | The Impossible Quiz Book: Chapter 1 #2

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Even my best friends can’t help me out of this hell that is the Impossible Quiz Book!

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  1. De-liver 😂😂 took ya long enough

  2. Good video man keep it up! Was wondering what the hell you were tweeting all that stuff for yesterday. Was hilarious when I found out XD


  4. Spot on editing!
    You and G both are putting out some solid content with one video/day.
    Your hair is fab-u-lous. I actually like the darker blue better than the turquoise-y blue green.

  5. I finally realize what those tweets were the other day. omg that's hilarious! XD

  6. LOL the raging is on! XD Nice hair Ethan btw!

  7. We also sang that Coldplay song in a choir concert & I had the solo ^-^.Thanks for including that, it made my day.

  8. AHAHAHAHAHAHAH i loke your hair but i like it LONGDHSHSSB what evs it is hair

  9. I'm just focusing on your awesome hair ohmygosh

  10. Haha that was too funny phoning G for help for the pee questions.I guess you should call the Pee master when you have pee related questions, and great video 🙂

  11. You're hilarious! Keep up the good work, and btw I love your hair.

  12. That feeling when you know the answers and Ethan is like 'hoooow?! I don't understand that!!' xD but love your hair ^^ well you already know that xD

  13. Kay, I'll put it in writing;
    That is some sexy sweet hair, bro!
    Are you satisfied now?

  14. Your pun game is pretty weak but sick uke solo mate 😀

  15. You still haven't done another one of these! You should! Love this! I'm sorry it makes you cry…

  16. Your phone crisis with G is legit the same one with my mom. WHY DO YOU NOT ANSWERRRRRRR

  17. We have the same uke, that's pretty cool if you ask me

  18. The very end of the video was absolutely precious!

  19. omg your hair matches your shirt… you have triggered me. i love this

  20. I love your hair. It's very cute. It suits you. 😄

  21. I have a friend named G too, and when Ethan called him, my immediate thought was: "holy fuck! what if its the same person?"

  22. Also, in the first impossible book quiz, you were wearing a full sail shirt. I really want to go there for music production.

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