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I Tried The Impossible Quiz! (Part 1)

Keith Santagato
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I play the Impossible Quiz and almost lose my mind!




  1. The fact Keith thought it was spelled HORES made me cackle.

  2. This was so unexpected but very welcome 🙂

  3. I love when Keith loses his shit. So entertaining! 🤣

  4. keith that is a square root not a division thing😭

  5. Omg I used to play this all the time like 15 years ago lol

  6. Keith looks like mega mind in that thumbnail

  7. good video keith please play cat mario

  8. seeing this live, then seeing it here is awesome

  9. Jesus this makes me so happy sorry for your heart Keith lol😂

  10. I thoroughly enjoyed this, Keith. Keep at it, all the way to the asylum. <3

  11. We all just need to respect the dedication of repeating the game over and over 😅🙌🏻

  12. cut the low end off of your mic in post. My sub is going insane when u hit the desk

  13. You'd think I'd learn by now but I listened to Keith yet again… told my mom about him. She says "Keith needs Jesus" and "When are you coming to church son?" Thanks Keith.
    Thanks a lot

  14. I feel like I’ve been transported back to 2014 watching this 😂

  15. Ooooh this is their moms basement I’m guessing???

  16. So he'll forget what a quarter of the answers by then lol

  17. Bout lost my shit when he spelt horse wrong 😂

  18. “Fuck Tom cruise… ehhh you know what he makes good movies” 😂😂💀

  19. The way I'm screaming the answers bc I weirdly remember them from doing this quiz in hs sooo many years ago 💀💩

  20. I am glad that he is trying out classic internet games that brings out the hilarious anger in him! Never stop making these videos! 😂

  21. FUCK TOM CRUSE… actually he makes pretty good movies 😂😂😂

  22. I NEVER made it that far in this game growing up. I am so impressed & can’t imagine how many hours this took 😂

  23. Him just saying Keith after the horse misspelling… 😂

  24. Umm… Keith lol it’s correctly spelled WHORES 🙄 duh!!

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