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I Tried The Impossible Quiz In 2022…

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I tried the impossible quiz in 2022 and guess what… IT WAS HARD. The Impossible Quiz walkthrough is one of the hardest games ever! Can we do the impossible quiz speedrun in this video? This is a funny adventure with RobertIDK that you won’t want to miss!

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  1. The green star is the shooting star.

  2. Me and my friend used to play this at school and we can get up to like level 80

  3. I’m eating watermelon right now and his shirt is waterrmelon

  4. can anybody explain the shoe polish joke for me plz?

  5. This men could have,skipped the last one but he's brain dead

  6. This is an odd mixture of nostalgia and PTSD

  7. not me doing the quiz and whenever i get stuck i watch this

  8. Your left brain has nothing right and your right brain has nothing left 🙁

  9. Shanghai is actually the biggest city in china

  10. In question 45 that wasn't "garbage" it was a type of font I think it's called wing dings

  11. You know it’s gonna be a good video when he’s wearing the watermelon shirt🍉

  12. Mary rose sat on a pin. What did she do next? Mary rose.

  13. 6:09 you got your skip, you skiped the question you chose skip as the answer.

  14. Correction for the impossible quiz: The possible quiz

  15. “the original impossible quiz”
    well that aged well

  16. I was playing the impossible quiz and I went to level 45

  17. Its more like the game that will kill robert

  18. 8:54 is 7 because it isnt in the hand of the person, is in the letters "his hand"

  19. If you press the button from question 35 you'll lose 1 life

  20. Maybe you can stream your next attempt?……

  21. Mary rose sat on a pin Mary rose or alternatively Mary jumped out of her seat. That's why it's the answer.

  22. "Fanboyism= no good" – Splapp-me-do

  23. On the Mary Rose question, it’s the answer Mary Rose is because Mary rose up from her seat.

  24. Si se que lo has intentado en 2022 pero wow le has puesto censura y eso hace que el video quede muy mal ya que en otros videos no lo han censurado pero te tiraste el video puedes ponerlo sin censura como lo hacen otras personas no hay necesidad de censurarlo!

  25. Soooo in the first 45 seconds I did de math and Robert wus born in 19ô4

  26. This is how I found you I remember saying finally someone make a new impossible quiz video!

  27. How….. HOW DID YOU NOT KNOW IT WAS A WALK ( also Mary rose from the chair ) <second edit: 12:40 ITS IN WING DINGS IDIOT >

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