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I Tried An Impossible Genshin Impact Quiz

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I tried an impossible Genshin Impact quiz…NOBODY CAN BEAT THIS!!!


I’m an official Genshin Impact Partner and I stream over on Twitch, so feel free to stop by and witness the madness!

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  1. Only reason i remember 2.0 to 2.4 so well is cause i joined in the tail end of 2.2 and i spent an uncomfortably large amount on Eula and Tartaglia. Good times

  2. I love how I’ve been playing since 1.1, he’s been playing since 1.5, but he can 36 star abyss and I can’t

  3. Me knowing this cuz i got ayaka yoimiya raiden and kokomi while winnung 50/50s

  4. I started 2.3 so I knew albedo came before Xiao and ayaka came out first. I think shogun came out next since yomiya was squished between 2 op characters

  5. Tartaglia and Hu Tao comes before Inazuma since they were in in the Liyue archon quest thing….other than Hu Tao I don’t remember seeing her in the archon quest

    I think

  6. Ayaka yoimiya, raiden kiko, shenhe xiao, zhong and Ganyu I think…

  7. I started playing from the very beginning but I only got hooked aber Inazuma trailer with and Ayaka that I thought she was beautiful
    I played like crazy and and managed to get a 10 pull and I prayed and got somehow Ayaka after that I didn’t miss an event got even Ei and continued until Hutao banner where I lost my 50/50 and later restarted on Ganyu and Zhongli banner were I got Ganyu
    I pretty much know all the stuff that happened between 2.0 to 2.3 so it was an easy question for me

  8. As someone who started at 2.2 I am surprised I got the first one right

  9. Bro forgot that there were less characters in earlier versions…

  10. Actually this can be logically answered
    2.0 Is where Inazuma came out so it's abviously going to be Inazuman Characters
    2.1 Is Raiden and Kokomi because every Archon's first banner is after the ending of their Archon Quest
    2.3 Is Tartaglia and Hu Tao (Through process of Elimination)
    2.4 Is Shenhe because it's the version of Lantern Rite and all of the featurd characters are Liyue

  11. I started on those banners so I knew it instantly

  12. I remember the order because I pulled on almost all of them xD

  13. The only reason I knew the answer to this question is because I started playing around 2.0, so I was watching the banners like a hawk and distinctly remember which banner was when:
    1. Ayaka & Yoimiya
    2. Raiden Shogun & Kokomi
    3. Childe and Hu Tao
    4. Eula, Albedo, & Itto
    5. Shenhe, Xiao, Zhongli, & Ganyu

  14. And i have every banner memorized obviously~

  15. I play since 2.3 and still know this bc my friend played back then and I remember

  16. Doro did u know the Genshin Anime is finally happening

  17. I started playing genshin in 2.4 and today is 4.2
    I am berry happy because I made new friends in this game and I enjoyed playing the game ❤ soo much ❤

  18. i started in 1.4, he started in 1.5, and hos account is more successful then mine

  19. it's the way you literally have to play Ayaka and Yoimiya's story quests in the first part of the Inazuma archon story to progress LMAO

  20. I knew 2.0 and 2.1 but would probably have made a mess with the rest

  21. I’m only now just realising I started in 2.0 I lost to Diluc on ayakas banner and got raiden so- OMG DID I GET RAIDEN WHEN SHE FIRST CAME OUT?

  22. I haven't Player genshin in that time and I know every banner from then… that's kinda weird🤔🤔

  23. Wait, Doro started in 1.5? I started Genshin in 1.1, quit at ar 8, and picked it back up again in 3.2

  24. me watching this and crying because i have them memorised

  25. This one I nailed, I’ve got majority of the banners memorized since Zhongli rerun in 1.5

  26. I managed to gwt them all rifht, but i knew 2.2 straight away since that's when i got hu tao, my first 5 star

    (Pls ignore my spelling it is nearly 5am and i am very eepy)

  27. Bro I did this quiz…I started playing around v2.6 second phase…and i got more right than him…I got 44% right…

  28. Someone forgot about the pre double banner era…

  29. I only remembered shenhe's banner. Since I was playing Genshin right when her banner released. and shenhe is my first 5stars character

  30. i’ve been playing for a month and guessed 100% and got a 44😩

  31. Just remember the order of the events/story and you can pretty much answer it correctly and x.4 is always lantern rite too so the answer is pretty obvious

  32. Bro yoimia is always before archons

  33. I started playing in2.7 and I know the answer, that is concerning

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