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I Tricked Youtubers To Do an IMPOSSIBLE Quiz Show!

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In today’s video i decide to troll my friends by inviting them to an impossible quiz! They had to answer some really hard questions with wacky rounds designs to make them lose!


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  1. Lmao, I love how several of them realized it was full of tricks, but none of them called out the rigged ending that was so obvious until after the fact.

  2. the one minecrafter who knew question four tubbo the great

  3. I actually knew most of these because I read Wikipedia articles. Not the one with Rudolph tho, that one's just ridiculous.

  4. I thought Ranboo would get the mirror question because in high school at least for me I read a book called something like "The most dangerous game" and it was a rich man hunting people so the mirror question was easy for me. Idk just a thought and this was a great video Scott.

  5. There’s just Elle in the background of the intro is very silly:D

  6. I love that whenever Shelby got a question wrong, she'd just go, "I didn't not know that. Well then."

  7. With Scott's accent, I thought the Great Ape House had a murderer on exhibit.

  8. Technically the portal question the answer is like a couple hundred cause of that one April fools update

  9. 12:36
    Did anyone else notice that he said “pig” but I’m the text in the screen it stood “chicken”?
    And btw it was a pig.

  10. Scott: That’s not good enough
    Gem: It’s American!!

  11. 3:42 tossing them baseballs to hit, then you throw a football.


  13. 0:48 look who’s in the background!!! She adorable!🥰

  14. This is giving serious "What's the average rainfall in Bora Bora?" vibes

  15. i got 15 points not counting the point reduction

  16. Q2 there are infinite dimensions because of april fools snapshot
    Q3 bamboo forest not bamboo jungle

  17. They thought they were competing with each other, when in reality the "Minecrafter" they were competing against was Scott along.

  18. I wanna see how grian would handle this 😂

  19. I love how everyone was just confused about that sports question- (I was to-)

  20. The buttons with jimmy were that one princess bride scene, both cups were poisoned.

  21. Help i didnt even get the Barani one even tho i compete in it and can do the skills, its bah- ra – knee 😭😭

  22. lol it would’ve been weird if someone had somehow known all of the answers

  23. I so confidently yelled "Chuck Eats Cheese"

  24. Technically you can go to an infinite amount of dimensions by using one of the april falls versions

  25. 5:41 America is a continent not a country, Gem. She's proof that Canadians aren't smart

  26. Scott doing the IMPOSSIBLE game show: *Asks a question based on Minecraft.Wiki
    Me, 3AM Minecrafters, 4AM Minecrafters, Minecraft.Wiki book worms: Oh, OH! ✋ I know this one! ✋ I know this one!
    *Scott asking about pokka dot assassination
    My answer, sarcastic: YOURS!! 😒

  27. The E in chuck E cheese reminds me of Fazbear Entertainment

  28. me saying infinite for other dimensions because he didn't say which update, and because snapshot 20w14∞ exists where u can make different special books and throw them into nether portals to make infinite dimensions

  29. I love how ranboo doesn't even care how random the question is, he's just answering stuff😭


  31. I’ve heard Ranboo sound like that before, I don’t know where I heard them like I just have. Wait I know where… they were doing something with Aimsey and it was LORE

  32. Scott, technically Shelby/Shubble was correct. I'm 99% sure that a Bamboo Jungle is also called Bamboo Forest.

  33. 15:25 – I love how the "You" shakes with equal amount of outrage that Owen is saying.

  34. techincally their are infinite alternate dimensions if you include the April fools update.

  35. Poor gem is hilarious in this. She just exists in a constant state of confusion

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